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    I had one of the first TREO 300s and suffered through its flaws and defective flip feature. Therefore, I was excited to get my new TREO 600 about six weeks ago.

    I found very few problems with the TREO 600 --- that is until this weekend when I found that the LCD screen appears to have cracked just above the navigation button. As a result, two-thirds of my screen turned blue and yellow. The local Sprint store accused me of "abusing" the phone and refused to replace and/or repair the phone claiming that the LCD screen is not covered under the warranty. They say that LCD screens don't break without being abused....what a bunch of B.S. The Sprint sales rep. told me too bad you didn't get the insurance and that I can use it as a six hundred dollar paper weight.

    I am very frustrated with both Sprint and Handspring's service especially considering I spent more than a thousand dollars on TREO phones and accessories during the past year. Maybe it's just me, but I expect a six hundred dollar phone to last more than a few weeks.
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    I feel for you. I went through TWO 300s (both had the flip cracks) and then upgraded - by Sprint, to the 600 in November. Today, I pulled the 600 out of its case and holy crap! A crack in the LCD above the nav button. I did NOT drop, bump, etc this phone. There is not a single scratch on the body or the LCD itself. The Sprint rep at the store said the same thing (should have bought the insurance) and would not replace/repair. The manager would not budge and the tech at the store suggested I might be lying (with regards to not dropping/etc).

    Interestingly, they did say the screen can crack when in cold temps (like leaving in the car)...I did not drop, nor leave in the car overnight.

    I called the Customer Service line and threatened to cancel my account (6 year customer and just convinced my wife to leave Verizon and join my account), but got essentially no where (they offered to credit my account $75 toward a new phone).

    I am disputing the charge with my credit card company, as I have a defective phone (third defective unit in less than one year!).

    I am so very disapointed with Sprint, I very may well leave.
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    It sucks doesn't it? Sprint has the absolute worst customer service of any service provider I ever dealth with. I am tired of their take it or leave it attitude.

    I actually ordered the insurance a few weeks ago. This week is the end of my waiting period and I'm sure something else will happen to it that will require it to be replaced.

    I am stuck with Sprint for another couple years but do my best to bad mouth them to anyone I know. Their attitude already cost them 4 TREO 600 sales to friends of mine that I talked into going with other providers and I'm sure there will be a lot more to follow.
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    You ordered the insurance even though the phone has the cracked LCD? What is the cut-off for the insurance?

    What kind of feedback did you get from Handspring?

    The warrant exclusions explicitly state that cracks, scratches, etc on the LCD are not covered...but I do not have a scratch or crack on the exterior, it seems to have cracked on the interior of the screen...that is, the LCD itself (behind the protective screen). I wonder how this could happen, with no trauma to the screen itself?

    Sprint had me as a customer for life after upgrading me to the 600 from the 300 at no charge (interestingly, after doing so, they called and said they made a mistake and wanted me to pay the difference...I had the phone for 2 weeks and I said you have to be kidding me...they backed down and let me keep the phone). Now, I doubt they will have me much longer...pity, as I like the service itself (hence my being a customer for 6 years).
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    I don't have a cracked treo, but I enrolled in the $4 a month insurance program after the initial purchase. You call a 1-800 number and give your info. They call you back to make sure the phone is working. You cannot make an initial claim for 21 days.

    To the people who have internal cracked screens, maybe a course of action would be to buy a replacement phone cheapy either new or on ebay, send your treo 600 in for service or repair at your cost, then either try to recoup expenses legally or through higher level customer service arbitration negotiations.
    I would probably start documenting everything, and send out some letters to sprint corporate customer satisfaction.

    good luck!
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    I have documented everything and contacted my credit card company to dispute the original charge. Also, I plan on trying to escalate this with Sprint Corporate (I had a comparable experience with Sony and wrote to Corporate who took care of me RE: Plasma monitor).

    I ordered another phone last evening at full cost ($599) from an online retailer (not Sprint, can I still enroll in the $4/month insurance?). Not sure what to do with the original phone that while still working, will not be used (Sprint will not repair/replace it).

    Best case scanario for me: credit card company credits my account for original charges (dispute) and/or Sprint credits my account: Even so, I will still be out another approx. $100 (purchased orginal Treo for $449).

    The most frustrating thing during this whole process is the way I was treated when I returned to the Sprint Store, coupled with quality control issues as I have gone through three Treos in less than one year.

    BTW, what is the story with the internal screens cracking in cold weather, has anyone heard of this?
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    you do not need to buy the phone from sprint to register for the insurance plan. I bought mine at best buy. The phone has to be activated and they will call you to verify the insured phone is physically working. For me it is piece of mind on a $400 phone that would cost me $600 to replace. I am not suggesting that you file an insurance claim fraudently after the fact, but if you get the 600 fixed or replaced it would be a good future option.

    Good luck
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    I don't think that this thread is exactly fair to Sprint. The insurance is offerred and I took it, knowing that these phones are not built for landing on Mars.
    As insurance it is very expensive. But I pay it and these others evidently are not paying it. So I do not feel the complete sense of anger at Sprint, although Sprint could be a bit smarter.
    ------Such as a non-profit insurance rate- this is 50 bucks a year plus 35 deductible or 85 for a first year claim.
    -----assistance for any damaged phone. I think that $75 was a good and fair offer. They did not break it. But this should be a policy.
    -----freezing weather can break lcds and they need to warn better. my guess it was left in a car outside?
    -----Sprint is not responsible for people opting to buy the most expensive phones. So it does not look logical to make this a *****ing point.

    I'm not Sprint lover, but I think there customer service is excellent and their store in my town knows their stuff. I don't like their policy of many different policies--complain until you get one you like aka retention department.
    BUT NO ONE HAS A DATA DEAL LIKE Sprint and I love that!!!!!

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