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    Anybody here from Dallas with comments about Sprint reception the Dallas area? Many dropped calls or lots of static?

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    I can comment here, since I live and work in the Dallas area, and have used Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.
    I started my wireless service with ATTWS about 10 yrs ago (they were actually MetroCell back then, when there were just two carriers in each market - what was called the 'A' and 'B' band carrier world). Used AT&T for about 8 yrs, seemed OK. Once they went to their digital TDMA network, started to get some drops, but thought that just how it was.
    Then went to VZW to specifically get the Kyo6035. Their network seemed fine.
    Then went to SPCS about 18 months ago to get the Treo300 (now with a 600), and things have been fine with Sprint. No network problems at all. No static, no drops.
    All good!
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    Great !!!

    That's exactly the answer I was hoping for.

    Thanks much.

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    Let's see, I came back to Dallas in 1999 as a Sprint user. Let me set the record straight that I wasn't un-happy with Sprint's coverage or service... merely the fact that they didn't have the phones I wanted so I split... for a bit.

    In the interim I've used T-Mobile which provided about 98% coverage, mostly a lot of drops during the spring when they'd not yet reset the network for the new foilage it seems.

    I've also been on AT&T's TDMA and GSM networks (yes, I know GSM is a TDMA system, I'm using the terms in their commonly used senses). The TDMA network provided very good covereage, but voice quality sucked horrendously. I've been on the AT&T GSM network for about a year, probably about 90% coverage in most of the areas I'm in. That 10% includes a lot of the buildings I'm in on a regular basis where I had no service. Voice quality on GSM is decent, at least when service is availalble.

    I'm now back to Sprint because of the Treo 600. And to be honest, now I understand what I've been missing. The coverage is 100% (alright, I've dropped a few calls, mostly right around rush hours. This is to be expected, network capacity, engineering and all that). Even deep inside buildings where neither T-Mobile or AT&T's GSM networks would reach, I've got Sprint service. Not to mention the fact as to how much better Sprint's vocoder sounds than any GSM vocoder.

    In all, yes, I'm happy to be back with Sprint. At least until such time as I have to deal with their CSRs. I think Sprint is a good choice in the Dallas area.
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    That's even better news that the treo600 works really well in the allas area. Now I can't wait to switch over. I haven't ha any problems or beefs with AT&T but they are just too expensive with their data plans.

    Thanks much.
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    I too have Sprint and it is the best. I have had no problems and very few issues. I used to have AT&T but the coverage in Dallas was not good. I'm really happy with Sprint and would recommedn them
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    Thanks for all the advice. I bjust picked up the treo600 a couple of nights ago from Sprint and still waiting for the number portability to go through from AT&T.
    I hate this waiting but at least there's plenty of things to play with and software to download while I wait.

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    In the last 6 years, I've had just about every provider (either in their current company name, or a previous one). I switched from ATT after 3 years of use, because I liked the data plan that Sprint offered for the 300. I had pretty much resigned myself to not being able to make calls any time I was on 121/114 just north of the airport, or at the 635/35 north intersection. I was very pleased to find that Sprint worked well in both areas.

    My only two complaints with the reception is that there is absolutely no warning when it does lose the network. and I recently started a new job in Coppell, and this area appears to be in a somewhat dead area. I don't get reception in very many of our school district's buildings.

    So, on reception service, I'd give an A-. On customer support, a definite F. (I don't have near enough time to tell my horror stories on that issue).
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    I've had the phone forn almost a week now and can't really comment on the reception since I'm still waiting for the number to be ported.

    I must say, though, at least the calls to Sprint Support is real clear if that is any indication of how reception will be. The only time I lost connection was in a casino bathroom in Shreveport.

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