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    Appropriately enough, as I waited for half an hour to talk to customer support, someone else stormed out, hollering "Don't use Sprint, they suck!"

    I must say I'm inclined to agree. I've got a Treo 300 with a cracking hinge. For now, it's usable, but as many 300 owners know, that won't last forever.

    So, I went in and asked about my options. They told me I can get my clearly defective phone replaced with another 300, which will also be defective, and will have the same problem over time.

    This wasn't good enough, so I told them that, and offered to pay the difference in order to move on to handset that wasn't so flimsy.

    They said no. I did, however, have the option of paying full price for a 600, or a Samsung Palm Phone.

    I've been a Sprint PCS customer for four years. When my StarTac was dying, they told me that I could pay full price for a new phone, or keep on using a phone that crashed all the time, had next to no battery life, and couldn't keep its antenna unbroken if my life depended on it.

    Now they're telling me the same thing for my Treo. So I told them that I could also just move to Cingular next week, keep my phone number, and stop paying them a dime for their service. Their response?

    "I'm sorry."

    Yes, they clearly are. A sorry excuse for a cell provider, and one that clearly doesn't care at all about keeping whatever customers they have.

    Low monthly rates for voice and data are all well and good, but amortized across the past 9 months that I've had my Treo, it's hardly worth it. Unless I establish some kind of breakthrough with Sprint Customer Care, I'll probably be a Cingular customer before the year is out.
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    Dump sprint. It's not worth the headache. I replaced my t300 8 times in less than a year before I finally convinced them to let me upgrade to the t600 for the price difference between the phones. It was a nightmare process.

    Get sprint to repalce your t300 for free, buy the cingular t600 for the upgrade price, and sell your t300 on ebay.
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    Their store sucks, but I am angry.

    I apparently sound very angry when I'm on the phone, as they caved. Not that they have the 600 in stock at the moment, but it's in my account info, so, um... woo!

    This is after 2 store visits, and the second phone call, each time getting angrier and angrier, but in a polite way. I just continued my threat to move to another provider, and I finally got results.

    Note: I did not swear, yell, or insult anyone. I merely presented the truth, which was that another 300 was an unsatisfactory solution, and that if I didn't get better treatment, I'd leave Sprint and move on. When you find the right service rep, this works beautifully. When you find a store manager, they apparently don't care. I still believe that the general "don't be nasty, don't be greedy, and offer to pay the difference" rule works, but you have to be clearly fed up, it seems. If they don't honestly think you're going to leave, they won't help you.

    All in all, continued cheap high-speed data, decent nationwide signal coverage, and low rates win the day again. I still stand by not really liking Sprint's default policy towards customers, but when you push hard enough, they'll do what's right.
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    Gee... I guess Sprint likes me more than you! Lookie at the email that Len (yes, we are one a first name basis) just sent me!!!

    Dear Thppfft,

    I want to thank you for choosing Sprint. It is our commitment to provide our valued customers with the best in wireless communication and I want to personally reaffirm that your satisfaction is our number-one priority.

    You'll see our commitment to your satisfaction in our ongoing dedication to expanding the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. We have already invested over $17 billion to build and expand our network. But we've taken your feedback seriously, and we know that there is still room to improve. We are building 1,700 new cell towers this year, so you'll be able to connect whenever you like and experience improved coverage within homes and buildings.

    You'll also notice improvements in customer service. Now it's easier than ever before to get your questions answered the first time you contact us, with faster access to a PCS Customer Solutions

    We look forward to continuing to serve you. Again, I thank you for choosing Sprint.


    Len Lauer
    PCS Division of Sprint
    I have the world in my Palm
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    With stores, follow the rule of "If at first you don't succeed"...

    I called my "normal" SPCS store when my 300 started having touchscreen issues. They told me that they would not swap mine out; they had to take mine and then send me one in the mail, meaning 2-5 days with NO PHONE. I both keep my life in my Treo and travel constantly, so that wasn't an option. Getting nowhere with the manager, I called another SPCS store whose manager was more than happy to help me out.
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    So, as a final chapter to this long and weary tale, I went to yet another Sprint Store today. The lady dug up my account info, and told me:

    Well, I can't let you do what this says I should let you do. The phone is less than a year old, your contract is about to expire, you don't spend enough on us monthly...

    So I told her that I'll extend my contract by two years. She rang everything up, set up a delivery, and extended my contract.

    I now have a completely free upgrade to a Treo 600 in the mail. No difference, no $150 credit. They care enough about their customers to try to help as best they can, and it's all thanks to number portability. Thanks, FCC!

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