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    Newbie questions here:

    I currently have a palm t3 that I love. It connects via bluetooh to my T68 phone. Internet access works great..everyting works fine except sms send (from what I have read that is an issue with the application not tmobile). I am on T-mobile currently. The current sprint offering is slightly better for me as I would get everything I get with tmobile plus free nights. Best buy says they have the treo in stock..I am fixing to drive down there and take a look. Is there anything wrong with sprint's service? I see posts all talking about t-mobile, waiting for t-mobile version but sprint's version is already out. So is there something wrong with sprint's data service? From what I have read it is actually supposed to be faster???

    Any quick replies would be appreciated..

    Thank you,
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    I had a Palm T|T and SE T68i with ATT. Now I have a Treo600 with sprint the Treo data speeds run 40-60 kbs the ATT GPRS speeds were 30-40 kbs and sometimes gets slowed even more my the Bluetooth conection. Sprint network is much faster and has much better national coverage than ATT GSM/GPRS.
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    thanks, I am giving it a try. But as luck would have it, It has the contact reset problem I see mentioned here. I am going to give the phone a chance, but for this kinda of $$ it better work with outlook.


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