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    I've had my 600 for a few weeks. I use snappermail. Way too often, when I check email I get stalled at the screen that says "Authorizing." I try again and again, and it doesn't go through. I even turn the phone on and off.

    Is this likely due to (a) a problem with Vision being too busy, (b) a problem with my pop server at work, (c) (God forbid) a problem with my Treo, or (d) ?.

    Anyone having a similar problem?

    Note that I am often able to check email. But less often than I could with my 300.
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    I've been using Snappermail without any problems. Not once I have experienced what you described. This is what I would do:

    1. Setup a different POP3 account and see if you have the same problems. If you don't then you will know that it could be a, c, or d.

    2. Track time/day that you are having this problem.

    Once you have that then I would call Sprint tech support. It is easier to deal with them if you have this type of info. That way you can avoid the run around and having to call them on multiple occasions. When I was setting up my Snappermail I was told by Sprint tech support that only Eudora would work with Sprint. All they had to do was change the user name and password. Just in case, the direct number to their tech support is 866 884-4534.

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