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    I hate voicemail; I don't want callers to have the option to leave a message. I don't end up listening to the messages and then people get pissed (understandably). I wouldn't mind them being able to just leave a numeric page, but I'd rather completely deactivate the whole feature. Can this be done (w/Sprint)?

    Another alternative I'd prefer is if after 6 rings it would forward to my assistant's phone and she could take a message the old-fashioned way. Is that a possibility?

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    I don't know about the vm thing ... I dislike it as well.

    I do know that Sprint does allow call forwarding. I think they charge for it, but it is available. Check the SPCS website.
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    Just call customer service. I've had mine disabled for a while now. Callers have no option.
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    right, just call customer care and ask them to remove the voicemail code from your account. No more VM.

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