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    I am genuinely interested. I need to know why people are using Sprint. Is there something I don't know? I am getting my 600 with Cingular but I want to make sure I have made the right choice.

    I had a Sprint PDA phone for three weeks and hated it. So I gave it to my spouse and bought a Treo 270 with Cingular.

    I need SMS and with Sprint they had it for a short time, and then it changed to this very clunky cumbersome shortmail. One-way SMS. I hear rumors they are changing to SMS?

    Is the internet faster?

    I know coeverage everywhere is different. Sprint is spotty in So Cal.

    What other benefits to Sprint?
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    Sprint has faster data speeds than anyone else right now, and for cheaper: $15/month for unlimited data. Compare that to Cingular or AT&T's prices.

    Cingular has bad coverage in the bay area, whereas Sprint has great reception.

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