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    I run BizConnect PE off of a laptop during the day. When I'm out of the office, I like to leave an old desktop unit online with PE running so I can send and receive mail off of the Exchange server without having to leave my laptop behind.

    The problem is the Treo BC client needs to re-register every time I switch host PC's. This means re-entering the user data, regenerating the encryption keys, and then having to sit through a full wireless mail sync.

    Is there any way to avoid this? I'd like to be able to use both PC's as BC hosts (not simultaneously, of course!) without going through this hassle.


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    I'm thinking there are a couple of possibilities for you:

    1) Use the Windows NT/2000 task scheduler to start Business Connect at the times you want and then your laptop would manually override that if you later started BC from there.

    2) There is also a Windows hack called tweakui that let's your system log on automatically without your help. If you programmed Windoze to reboot your desktop computer at the time you wanted, BC would launch automatically and you can even specify a domain account.

    That means your computer could boot, login to your domain account and then BC would load wihout needing a password.

    Just a couple of ideas...

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