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    I know a ton of people on this board are here in the NW.

    Lately (for the last couple weeks?) I've been getting an error quite frequently when I try to connect to PCS Vision. It happens almost instantly when I press "sync" in Snappermail, etc.

    The error is something like "too many connections. Failed to connect to ..." I think sometimes it also comes up as ERROR 109.

    This seems to be a PCS Vision problem as it affects all applications. It is very frustrating -- every time you need net access it stalls. Anyone else seeing this same thing? If so -- does "too many connections" mean that I'm connecting too much, or that there are too many people connected?


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    I'm in the downtown area and have experienced no Vision problems at all in the past few weeks. Hope this helps.
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    On the phone screen hit pound, pound 3282 dial. On the new screen hit data (upper left hand corner) hit update profile. the phone will then connect with sprint and give you the latest and greatest update. Do this once a day for the 

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