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    After several false starts, I finally got a good Vision tech who was able to sort out my inability to send mail through

    Here's the deal: I'm a long time SprintPCS user. My account predates Vision by several years. Back in the old days, I had one of the original Wireless Web Mail e-mail accounts (the user ID didn't have any numbers appended on the end, if that helps). That account has persisted in some form or fashion until today, and that was causing at least part of my problem.

    The Vision tech deleted that old account. Now I have the following passwords attached to my SprintPCS service:

    Account Password - used to access web site

    Vision Username - this is the one that has a number on the end, like 03
    Vision Password - not really used for anything other than handset Vision access

    Vision **MAIL** Password - this is the magic bullet. The Vision MAIL password is different from the normal Vision password. You change this under 'Settings & Preferences' in the PCS Mail site. HOWEVER.... IMPORTANT NOTE.... The Vision tech strongly recommended that you call into Vision support to have this password changed. Evidently there can be issues when changing the password via the web site.

    OK, so now we know what the different usernames and passwords are.

    Setup your mail client (SnapperMail, etc.) as follows:

    outgoing smtp server:
    smtp username: Vision Username
    smtp password: Vision MAIL Password

    Note you do not need to append to your Vision Username.

    The first time I tried this, SnapperMail tried to retain my old account settings when sending mail. I deleted all of the accounts I had setup in SnapperMail, started over from scratch, and now can check my ISP's mail server for POP3 mail and send mail through Sprint without issue.

    I would recommend that you get your mail client to successfully RECEIVE mail (POP3) from BEFORE you start trying to send mail - that way, you can ensure your username and password are correct. Then, once you know your username and password are OK, you can attempt to send mail through Sprint's SMTP server. Finally, once it's all working correctly through Sprint, you can change your incoming servers to those of your regular ISP, but continue to send through Sprint.

    Hope this helps!

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    This worked for me.

    And I changed my PCS Mail password on the web, not over *2.
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    I am trying this right now. (on the phone with Sprint Vision Services)... I will let everyone know the results.
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    I followed your instructions, thank you! I can receive pop mail just find now, but I can not send mail. I receive an error "While sending email, an error occurred while talking to the mailserver: a
    given command failed (550 5.7.1 Relaying not allowed:"

    If I send a message to myself on the domain. It works fine.

    Any ideas?

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    I could not get the Agendus Pro Beta 7 email client to send email. POP retrieval worked just fine. So I downloaded the PalmOne POP3 Beta and BAMM...

    Worked like a champ. I'll post my unsucessfully efforts on iambic beta discussion board.

    I could not have trouble shot this issue without all the great posts about SprintPCS Vision and PCS email password differences.

    Thanks Again!!!
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    I applaud Brandon for getting this out. It worked for me!!!

    Nice job!
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    Has anyone been able to setup Eudora to use the sprintpcs account to send/receive e-mail?

    If so, would you share your experience?

    I'm a Comcast cable user and I can get my e-mail on my Treo 600 using Eudora but I can't send it. Using SprintPCS would be a workaround!

    I've setup my password on the sprint site and I'm using for both the income server (POP) and outgoing server (SMTP) - is that the key? (i.e., can't I use Eudora with sprintpcs?)


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    Answering my own question:

    I had to use !!!

    Stupid me!!!

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    Thank you!!!!

    Finally, I can send e-mail from my Treo.

    Lousy Comcast! <grumble><grumble>
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    Brandon - thank you so much for posting that information!

    You can't believe how frustrated I've been - no where did anyone warn me that I would not be able to send email, and HS and Sprint didn't care and offered no solutions - until I found your post.... thank you!!!
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    Thanks for the positive replies - glad to help!

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    Thanks for your help. I can finally send outgoing mail. The trick for me was the PCS mail password.
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    ok got my mail to send already but now it will not receive my mail. it was working fine before now it says send and receive login failed.
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    Please post of all your account settings here, for both incoming and outgoing servers.
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    Thank you for this information! I got my first Treoo the other day and have not been able to sync with my SprintPCS mail... now you have solved my dilemma!
    I am using VersaMail and set my SprintPCS mail password using the website.

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    2 1/2 years later - I'm surprised this info is still accurate

    Glad it helped you though!
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    I'm a trucker and I had Nextel (for 2+ years) 'cause my wife acts as my dispatcher and the walkie-talkie was very handy for that. BUT, I got tired of the marginal coverage I had is some areas - even with the $300+ repeater I had in the truck!! So, after talking to other drivers, in said areas, I decided to go with Sprint (post merger) -thinking it would be a painless change-over. NOT! But that's a different story. I've been happy with Sprint for the last year but I didn't care for the phone (Sanyo MM-8300). No comparison (IMHO) to the iDen Motorola's - even that ancient i60c I had. So I was looking at the phones that are now available and ran into these Treo's. I figured that this could be a useful tool with what I do for a living so that brought me to this site.

    I've been lurking here for the last 2 months, or so, trying to decide which model I wanted and if there were significant problems/advantages to one or the other. I was not impressed with the Sprint upgrade policy. $550 (with my 1 year upgrade) plus contract extension. A new customer, $300 plus 2 year contract! So, off to Ebay I went and the 700wx got here yesterday. ($400 with shipping and handling) My holster and dc charge adapter will be here tomorrow thanks to the Treo Store

    I spent most of yesterday getting the phone activated/provisioned and getting the basics set up. I spent the better part of today trying to connect to my Sprint PCS email account! I've never used it before, but bing-bang-boom and I was into it from my home computer. That's a positive sign - now to get the Treo to connect. There was nothing in the documentation that came with the Treo about connecting to Sprint PCS email - it wasn't even mentioned as an option. The available online documentation mentioned it but the method to connect didn't apply to the Treo - even in the Treo SPECIFIC support area! (It appeared to be generic connection info for any compatible phone) The FAQ on the Sprint site just lead me around in circles to places I'd already been! Google wasn't very useful - lots of posts about gmail and so on but NOT about Sprint PCS mail. Thanks to bits and pieces that I gleaned from various areas on I was able to figure out how to add the Sprint PCS account but none of the combinations of user names and passwords would get me connected! Now the battery is about wore out, so while it's charging I thought I would check here to see what I could see.

    Lo and behold! A quick search for Sprint PCS email and here I am. OVER 3 YEARS LATER and still accurate! Thanks to cbtrussell for posting the fix!
    to Sprint for not having clear, accurate information available either on their website or in the included device documentation!

    This email thing came about because I don't like Media Player 10 - and as I have no intent to use the Treo for media (I have a laptop for that) I'm not going to install it on this computer. But I do have some mp3's I want to use as ring tones so I'm going to try to email them and see what happens. I think I saw something about that mentioned in my travels through the documentation!

    Thanks to cbtrussell for the info, and to everybody else for letting me rant a little bit!
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    props to cbtrussell for posting this information almost 4 years ago! i've been struggling to get email working properly on my treo, and sprint tech support was absolutely no help.

    Thanks again, and i love treocentral.
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    I am a newbie and searched for an answer to this question but could not find it so if this is a repeat I apologize.
    I recently switched to Sprint from Verizon. I used Verizons Wirless Sync for email on my treo. I currently set up Chatter on my Treo and followed the steps in this and other threads to use the Sprintpcs SMTP server to send email. It works fine but when the message is received is says "from on behalf of (my reply email address).
    Can I prevent this from showing up because I prefer my recepients do not know I am out of the office or sending through Sprint instead of my companies domain? If not has anyone found a better solution for a send server?
    Thanks much for any help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hazards1 View Post
    It works fine but when the message is received is says "from on behalf of (my reply email address).
    Can I prevent this from showing up because I prefer my recepients do not know I am out of the office or sending through Sprint instead of my companies domain? If not has anyone found a better solution for a send server?
    Thanks much for any help!
    To the best of my knowledge you can't prevent that from displaying. If there's a way, I love to hear it.

    Good Luck
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