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    It's damned expensive though:

    Sprint customers who purchase a new PCS Vision Ready Link Phone have a couple of pricing options. Price plans are $15 per month with unlimited PCS Vision, and an additional $5 per month if they would like to sign up for unlimited PCS Ready Link service. Customers can also select a plan with only unlimited PCS Ready Link service for a flat fee of $15 per month. The unlimited PCS Ready Link calls included in the flat monthly fee applies to one-to-one calls, as well as group calls. Customers will also receive PCS Vision and PCS Ready Link free for two months as part of a promotional offer.
    FYI, Radio Shack already had the broshures out at least where I live. Basically, $15 bucks for RL and $20 bucks for RL+vision! That's a bit too much IMO. Also, the two RL phones, the Sanyo RL2000 and Sanyo RL2500, are both priced at $299 dollars. The RL2500 is a sweet phone IMO and is basically the Sanyo 5300 plus RL functionality! Very nice...
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    Is there any way a Ready Link app can be written for the T600? Or is there some hardware involved?
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    Originally posted by CarlGalgano
    Is there any way a Ready Link app can be written for the T600? Or is there some hardware involved?
    Their was another post about a software company that had made a PTT software package that would allow any phone, including the Treo 600, to have PTT functionallity. Unfortuenately it would require Sprint to use their software. I don't know if Sprint is using this or not. I doubt that Sprint, or HS/PalmOne will put any effort to bringing PTT to the Treo 600. Sprint has always expected customers to buy new phones for their new features. HS seems to not care to much about the customers after the sale IMO based off the **** poor accessory support and availibility for the Treo 600, and the whole HS Mail application debacle. I love my Treo, but feel that I should have been able to buy the Car Kit, and any other HS accessory when I bought the Treo.
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    Was @ a Sprint PCS store yesterday and saw all the handouts and info/lit. Looks like $15 a month min (first three free). Not for me,,,,,BTW, you have to get a new phone that can use PTT, correct?

    I'm sorry, not PTT, Ready Link, got to keep them buz words correct.. :shortcut:

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