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    My Treo 300 lid broke a couple of days back. I call customer service and they said, "usually the price of the phone will be charged to the customers account, a phone would be shipped out, and once the customer returns the old phone their account would be credited.

    Big problem for me since I had "no credit history when I purchased the phone, so I had to pay 125 deposit" which would only allow a max of 125 to be charge to my account

    The Sprint Rep told me my only other alternative was to receive a Return Pack (package to return the phone in) then once they receive the old phone, they would send me a new one. Or I could just take it to a sprint store, and exchange.

    Well I went to the sprint store to exchange, but they were out of stock, and had a phone shipped to me. But they let me keep the old phone.

    I was expecting to receive the new phone, plus a Return package to return the Treo in. I only received a box; straight form Handspring with a brand-new Treo in it.

    What Should I do? Sprint didn't say anything about returning the Old phone, or send me any materials "or return address" to send the Old phone back with.

    Should I take the Initiative to return the phone to sprint, or Keep?
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    Return it. If didn't have an issue with it, this post would not be here. Don't let us try to convince you to keep it.

    As Jiminy Cricket told Pinokio...let your consince be your guide.......
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    Truthly I felt totally opposite. I want to keep it, but I was hoping someone would give me a good reason to return it.
    Prior to my treo I had a sprint camera phone and it broke,They just gave me a newphone, and didn't take the old phone "I guess they did not have any use for a broken phone"
    the same is the case with almost all celluar phones"they break the company give you a new one and you keep your old phone" am I right?
    When I got finished tranfering my phone the sprint told me "to make sure I keep the old treo's wireless mode" , but didn't give me and instructions on returning the phone.
    Has anyone else been is this same situation? what did you do?
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    That's probably the cutest thing I've seen in a long time.

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