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    I did a search and read some users speculating on how it works, but haven't seen any responses on people actually using voice command with the 600.

    Sure wish we had something like the PPC Camp has .....
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    Product Features

    Voice-Controlled Hands-Free Phone:
    -View contacts with a single voice command.
    -Place phone calls to people in your address book using your voice.
    -Dial your phone by voice using the phone number.
    -Callback and Redial the last caller.

    Voice-Controlled Calendar Lookup:
    -View your calendar with a single voice command.
    -Have the subject, time, and location of upcoming appointments read to you.
    -Appointment reminders will read the details of your appointment aloud so you do not have to look at your screen to find out what is coming up.

    Voice-Controlled Media Player:
    -Use your voice to select the music you want from your collection by album, artist, or genre.
    -Choose to control your music with your voice or use the large button interface just like radio buttons on your car stereo.
    -If you are listening to new or unfamiliar music you can ask "What song is this?" and the name of the song and artist will be read to you.

    Voice-Controlled Application Launcher:
    -Launch any application in the Start menu or programs folder, such as Inbox, Calculator or Solitaire.
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    Are you speaking about Sprint's Voice Command or just anyone that has a program that does voice command like the one you listed?
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    I have been using it for several weeks now. It's great! It even reads your e-mails to you aloud! Now I'm trying to figure out how to forward my Hotmail e-mails to my Sprintpcs e-mail accout to be able hear my Hotmail read to me while I'm driving.
    Besides calling numbers, its great with traffic rerorts, directions, etc.
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    What are you using? Sprint's voice command on a Treo 600? And it reads emails aloud????????
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    Absolutely. Sprint PCS Voice Command. Loaded all of my numbers from my Palm Desktop address book via a conversion file.

    It reads aloud all e-mail on your SprintPCS e-mail. I just can't figure out how to forward my Hotmail!

    To get e-mail, puch Voice Command and say - "My E-Mail", and it asks you for your password!!
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    Server ... it may be possible. Go to Google and search for Hotmail Popper. I read about it and it might do the trick as it goes and fetches mail from Hotmail to your POP account.

    I haven't had a chance to try yet.
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    Been trying to get Popper to work for over an hour.
    No luck.
    Any other suggestions on how to forward Hotmail?
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    I've used Sprint's Voice command and find it an excellent service. At first I didn't think it would be worth the extra $5/month and I planned to cancel the service initially once my 3 month grace period ended. But I've gotten so used to it that I've decided to keep it. In addition to reading your email via acct, it also calls from your voice command (VC) address book and also can dial via individual numbers commands. Furthermore, if you have a shared plan, you only pay once for all the phones on your plan so that every phone get VC. Finally, as I mentioned in another thread I've assigned the number #5 key on the thumbboard to dial "*". This is convenient b/c the 5 key has the little point on it which makes it easy to feel. Thus when I need to make a call while driving, I just hit the nav pad, and then press the 5 key all w/o looking and it automatically dials my voice command from which I can use to easily make calls! Anway, that my .02 cents...
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    how does VOICE COMMAND work with the headset? Still a need to dial "*", or can you configure the headset to do that when you press its button?
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    Since voice command reads email aloud is there a way to get it to read Business Connection mail to? That would be great if it read my work mail.
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    Originally posted by bvinson
    Since voice command reads email aloud is there a way to get it to read Business Connection mail to? That would be great if it read my work mail.
    Voice Access to Business Connection
    Say "Call Business Connection"

    Need to check your Business Connection account while on the run? Sprint Voice Command will read your corporate email to you over the phone and will even play or read files that are attached if they are in a standard format like, .txt or wav. After listening to an email, you can send a reply message using your voice. To learn more about Business Connection, go to To set up voice access to Business Connect, select the Business Connection link and enter your Business Connection user name and password.



    Say "Remove" to remove an email from your email account.

    Say "Repeat" to replay the current email message.

    Say "Reply" to reply to an email message. Note that your response will be recorded in an audio format and attached as a wav file in the message.

    Say "Reply to all" to reply to the sender as well as all other recipients of an email message. Note that your response will be recorded in an audio format and attached to the email as a .wav file.

    Say "Next one" to skip to your next email message.

    Say "Go Back" to go back to your previous email message.

    Say "First" to return to the first email message in your inbox.

    Say "Refresh" to retrieve any new messages you may have received while using this email application.
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    Here's another cool Voice Command feature:

    Driving Directions
    Say “Driving Directions”

    Forget messy maps and scribbled notes. Find your way with Sprint Voice Command driving directions. Perfect for traveling from point A to point B, Sprint Voice Command driving directions tells you how to get there step by step. Say your starting and ending destination and you can get information such as where to turn, mileage and estimated travel time. You can even program your home or work address so Sprint Voice Command immediately knows where you’re heading to or coming from.

    Choose your starting and ending destinations by saying "New Location", "Airport", "My Home", "My Work", or "Previous Directions". If you don’t know the starting or ending address, you can say the closest Cross Streets.

    In order to easily use your home or work address as the origination point or destination point in your Driving Directions, simply go to the Sprint PCS Voice Command web site (, choose Personalization, then select My Profile and add or edit your addresses.



    Say, "Next", "Go Back" or "Repeat" when listening to driving steps or say "Skip" to bypass all the steps.

    Say, "Start Over" to go back to the beginning of Driving Directions

    Say, "Help" for more assistance.
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    As a matter of fact Voice Command can do all of the following:

    Specific instruction for each of the following can be found by logging into the web site for Voice Command, clicking on the left hand side on Personalization and selecting Help

    With Sprint Voice Command, you can call the shots with the sound of your voice. Want a weather report in Seattle or the latest dish on ER? The choices are plentiful and we are proud to offer unique services such as Email Reader, and Traffic Report. There’s no number to dial or remember, just use the power of your voice to navigate through our services. Pick your favorite services by clicking on Sprint Voice Command Personalization. You can have Sprint Voice Command program your favorite services such as weather, news, sports or stock portfolio. You can also tailor the service to your personal preferences such as weather in Los Angeles or entertainment news. Click on the links below to learn more about our voice services.

    My Quick List
    Voice Access to my Email
    Voice Access to Business Connection
    Driving Directions
    Stock Market
    TV Updates
    Sports Central
    News Room
    Traffic Reports
    Flight Information
    Package Tracker
    Movie Guide
    Measurement Conversion
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    WOW !

    I am going to sign up for my free 2 month trial period today!
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    After logging on to Business Connection, I don't see where you setup voice access. Could you provide more details?

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    Does voice command take away minutes before a call is made or if you are checking email?
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    Yes, VC uses your minutes whenever you use it.
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    Originally posted by dewnay

    After logging on to Business Connection, I don't see where you setup voice access. Could you provide more details?

    Log into the VC website and choose Personalization on the lower left hand side of the screen. A new window will open. Choose My Email which will then allow you to enter POP3 addresses for checking as well as activating the Business Connection linkage between BC and VC.
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    I go to the website to see about setting this up and get an error screen saying it's not available. Do you have to call *2 to set it up?
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