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    Hi all,

    Just picked up a Treo 600 on Sprint's network yesterday. This thing is just way too cool. The only problem that I am having is that the palmos BC client does not appear to support calendar syncing. Email, contacts, and files are there. I couldn't find any documentation that would suggest it supports it, either. The only way is via the Web front end. Does anyone know if there are any plans in the works to intergrate the palm calendar with exchange via a client? Email is great, but if someone makes a new appointment or meeting I'll never see it unless I go to the web page (not a solution.)

    I'd even go install the enterprise solution but it doesn't appear to support it either!

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    Sadly, no, it's not happening. I wish that this capability was there too. I'd even be somewhat happy if I could accept or decline invitations, but I don't see that coming anytime soon either. If you want true calendar syncing, Good are the only ones doing it. Too bad they are only for business with Microsoft Exchange servers.

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