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    those of you who have the $4 sprint insurance... are you also buying a case? if so.. why?

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    Yes, 'cause I don't want it in my pocket with all the coins and keys and pocketknives. I want it in a horizontal case attached to my belt. But today it fell out of the case on a tiled locker room floor. No damage...but hence the insurance.
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    With the problems I had with my Treo 300, I decided to go for it.

    You can get 2 phones a year for $35 deducitble per phone.

    I'm not saying I will use it 2x a yr, just nice to have the peace of mind.
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    Yes. The Sprint insurance and the physical security and use of the Treo are two different issues. A $600 gadget needs as much protection as you can give it.

    Besides, with backorders the way they are I wouldn't want to have to WAIT (again) for PalmOne or Sprint to send me another unit because I dropped it and it had nothing to buffer the fall. These are machines and their parts are prone to become damaged or compromised as with any other electronic product.

    Case in point, yesterday my case fell to the floor and although my heart jumped, I knew Mr. T. had the case to help insulate it.

    Hope this helps.
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