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    Hopefully somebody here can help or has had the same problem in the past.

    I bought my Treo 600 from TreoCentral with Sprint service. I got the Professional Vision pack (unlimited Vision), and also got 'unlimited' roaming (which I've found isn't exactly unlimited, but that's okay).

    Anyways, ALL my roaming minutes have been burnt through, plus another 1000 more! I have never ONCE used the phone when it is roaming off the Sprint network. I've only had the thing for 2 weeks!

    When I call Sprint Customer Support, they said 'Yep, you've been using the phone too much with roaming'. When I asked them who the calls were to, they said, um, well they are voice calls, but the phone number listed just says 'data'. After an hour of arguing with them, they credited me an additional 1000 roaming minutes to cover the problem, but they couldn't tell me why I'm having the problem. They just told me to take my phone into a local sprint store and have diagnositics run on it, but the store isn't able to run a diagnostic test on the Treo 600 because it is too new!

    Meanwhile, I'm continuing to burn up more 'roaming' minutes, and nobody can tell me why. I'm really looking forward to a $1000.00 phone bill because of roaming charges I never even did!
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    YIKES!!! Wow what a mess, how about returning the phone for another, since they cannot diagones it in the store, return it for a new one! take care & GOOD LUCK , jay
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    Was on the other day and ran accross a sprint rep who seemed to help a TON of people out with these types of issues. I personally haven't ever contacted this person.

    check out the link and contact him/her:

    Hope this helps!

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    This is going to sound like a bizarre question, but when did your pre-treo 600 billing cycle end? Did you activate "mid-cycle"?

    I'm asking because it seems that some of Sprint's CSR's are provisioning/billing Vision incorrectly at activation. Either you get a big bill the next month (similar to what you are encountering) or your Vision doesn't work until the next billing cycle.

    Did they create your Vision account name while on the phone?

    I'm trying to see how rampant this is.
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    Originally posted by bling bling
    This is going to sound like a bizarre question, but when did your pre-treo 600 billing cycle end? Did you activate "mid-cycle"?
    I didn't have a Sprint account prior to purchasing the Treo 600, I'm a new Sprint customer. I activated my account as per the instructions from TreoCentral (I'd didn't have to call anybody, I just entered a few magic numbers on the phone and I was good to go).

    Brian, thanks for the link to Howard Forums. CRUZ there seems very knowledgeable, and responded promptly to my question, but even HE was stumped!!

    So, I am stuck doing my own investigating, but I need some help.

    I've noticed that on occaision when connecting to an app that uses Vision (email or Blazer) that instead of saying connecting to Vision it says connecting to Spring Provisioning (my phone has already been provisioned long ago).

    When I go to Prefs -> Network I notice that there are two options for Service listed there (one for PCS Vision and one for Sprint Provisioning. Am I supposed to have both? Can anyone else confirm this?

    What I am wondering is, is that if I leave it set to Sprint Provisioning, and then go back to my email app and connect, maybe it is connecting through Spring Provisioning and that is why I am getting charged?
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    That sounds like it could be your problem. You shouldn't ever be connecting via Sprint Provisioning except during the initial setup of Vision itself. That's when the PCS Vision profile is created and from then on you should only use that. The Sprint Provisioning profile will continue to exist on your phone even after the phone has been provisioned.

    I'm concerned about your not talking with anyone when you did your initial setup. Activating the phone I can see not having to talk to anyone, but I've always had to call in to provision my Vision of all of my phones that I've had. I'd suggest you call *2 and say something like "Vision help" which should take you to tech support for Vision. Ask them to reprovision your phone. It sounds like it's either not provisioned correctly or your account doesn't have Vision properly added to it. Cruz is a good guy and if you ask him he can look at your account to verify the right codes are on there for Vision, but I'd call Vision tech support and get them to reprovision your phone as a first step.
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    I would believe that having it set to Vision Provisioning in Network rather than Vision itself would cause the roaming issue. Tell Cruz that you had it set that way... I'd be interested in hearing his response.
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    by the way, what do you think 'free and clear america' buys you? i bought it thinking that my monthly minutes could be spent 'anywhere'. later, i was told it was only 50% of the monthly allocation (okay, so that still fit my expected pattern of usage so i let it drop). tonight i was told it is 50% of what you've *used* during the month, not 50% of what you're allocated per month! so if i've only used 100 minutes of an 1,100 minutes/month plan, i can only do 50 minutes of free roaming for my $60/year ($5/month) "free and clear america".
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    Another way you might avoid roaming is to disable it in the phone prefs. I'm running 100% Sprint to avoid roaming (not on the F&C plan).

    Also, AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $F$&$amp$;$C$ $is$ $50$% $of$ $your$ $total$ $allotted$ $monthly$ $minutes$.
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    explicitly told by sprint last night that it is 50% of your "usage", not your "allocation". they're trying to characterize someone as an exceptional roamer, not someone who habitually does it. don't take my word for it. check with them. i was surprised too.
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    One other thing that is weird, is that when I have tried to connect to Vision while roaming, I have immediately received an error saying that Vision can not be accessed while roaming on another carrier's network.

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