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    I'm torn...I currently TMo and was waiting for the 600. Due to better coverage (primary) and the T600 wait (secondary) I'm thinking of the Tungsten T3 and Bluetooth combo. But I can't seem to find a Bluetooth-enabled phone for Verizon. Does anyone know if one is out there?

    Thanks in advance...pbryon
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    Ahhh, my friend, sorry, but Verizon's phone selection leaves **much** to be desired. For reasons that elude me, they seem to be stuck on camera phones, and nothing else. The only BlueTooth, to my knowledge (after checking off and on for a year) was an OLD Sony. I checked it out at a RadioShack and left it there >> too D--- big. Can't recall the model number-- maybe T68i, but not sure.

    In any event, Verizon's reluctance re the Treo 600 finally broke this camel's back, explaining why 11/24 is circled on my calendar, and I've already established a contact with a local TMobile sales rep.


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