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    I am going to signup for a sprint plan, but what do the Vision packs do for a T600 user?

    The Vision Picture Pack - I can already email/take packs so isn't this useless with the T600?

    The Vision Premium Pack - I can download games, ringers, etc from other sites. So, once again, why would I need it?

    Pro pack - I could see someone selecting this to connect to their corporate email. But, I assume you would need your company to set something specific up on their servers to get access to your emails? Why would you need it for personal email - i.e. checking your yahoo mail? Since you could use snappermail, handspring client, etc to download mail via POP.

    Thanks for helping in my confusion with Sprint.
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    I had Professional Pack for a few weeks so that I could get BC for free (it also checks your pop mail in addition to corporate e-mail.) The only benefit the Picture Pack gives you is a $5 credit for downloads. Most of the programs to download are $15-20 so the $5 credit might come in handy to help with those.

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