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    Next Monday Nov. 17th is the day Sprint is supposed to get SMS.

    How many of you think it will actually happen on that day?
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    I doubt it will. I've heard it's been pushed back to Dec 1st which is when they plan to roll out ReadyLink too. I'm hoping it's Nov. 17, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    What is ReadyLink?
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    Readylink is Sprint's version of Push To Talk that will be rolled out soon. Push To Talk is the Nextel walkie talkie feature that all the other carriers are rushing to put out.

    Also, bad news on the SMS front. The rollout has been pushed back yet again to Dec 22 and maybe even early January at the latest. Apparently it's taking longer to roll out some of the SMS servers and properly test them all than Sprint had hoped. Bummer.
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    Which is why I jumped at Treo600SMS from PDAApps. Is anyone really surprised even a little by these announcements ?
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    My surprise is that they were able to launch streaming television on Vision (Treo 600 not included) before launching SMS.

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