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    Ok, this is getting really annoying! I've been trying and trying to get my Sprint PCS email on my Treo 600 through Snappermail and it's not working. First I thought it was Snappermail, so I tried another client and I'm getting the same error.

    Here's the information I'm putting in:

    Incoming POP3 Server:
    Outgoing SMTP Server:

    My Sprint PCS email address is ""

    For the Username, I've tried:
    -my cell number

    For the Password, I've tried:
    -my general account password (that you enter at along with your phone number as the login)
    -my pcs vision password (that you enter when checking pcs mail after loging into the pcs account)

    I've tried every combination of all those and nothing works.

    I continue to get an error that states: "Invalid authorization. Check username and password. Failed to authorize to POP server..."

    Am I entering something in wrong?? What is everyone else who uses Sprint PCS mail entering?
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    Someone told me to change my vision password, so I did bit it didn't help. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    call a Vision Tech
    Had a friend w/ the same issue. Put my info in, it worked, tried his again, no go. Had to call a Vision Tech and they made it work.
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    Here is my experience, maybe it will help:

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