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    According to Gizmodo you are being charged over a buck per month already for number portability - which is not even in effect yet.

    Sprint treats their customers worse than any other provider. How anyone can consider using their service is beyond me - no data rate is worth what they charge and fail to provide.

    Maybe they will change their tune once they lose 25% of their subscribers after number portability - but I doubt it.
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    I don't see this charge on my bill. Haven't rec'd Nov bill yet, so it may be there.

    I'll let you know.
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    I have only been with sprint approx 9 months. So far the service has been great, employees have been polite helpfull and frankly bent over backward to give me the $200 upgrade deal! I cannot prasie them enough, take care, Jay
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    how many carriers have unlimited web access (at a good price too)? As far as I know, sprint's the only one. i've only had one dead spot (at O.U. games) that annoys me, but that's it. personally, if you're trying to stick it SPCS, maybe you should try writing something else. it's too early to tell what all the carriers are gonna' do about number portability yet. it's safe to say that because of competition, they'll be similar.
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    This information is printed on your paper bill, and on the Helpfull Information link on the bottom of the "My Invoice" page. All carriers will probably charge for it, and Sprint is probably charging for it now because they are spending money to implement it.

    Surcharges and Fees - The surcharges in this section generally recover the costs incurred by Sprint in complying with various federal and state mandates. Charges that appear in this section of your invoice, including charges associated with Federal Wireless Number Pooling and Portability, Federal and State Universal Service Funds (USF) and Federal E911*, are neither taxes nor government-imposed assessments. The Federal USF charge is calculated using the FCC-prescribed contribution factor, which may change on a quarterly basis. Neither Federal nor state law requires carriers to impose these charges but carriers are permitted to recover their costs of complying with these federal and state mandates.
    Call 1 866-770-6690 for more information, including the current Federal USF invoice surcharge.
    *Please note that current availability of E911 services is very limited. E911 service is dependent upon several factors, including the ability of your local public safety agency to receive and process this information and the capabilities of your equipment.
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    I'll admit it - I wasn't happy to see my "$55" plan turn into a $67 phone bill, with taxes and surcharges when I got my first bill last October. But when you think about it, what's the alternative? I would be paying the same total bill, or higher, on T-Mo, for a slower service. And don't even mention Verizon. For power users, their rate plans are not even close. (I think it's $35/mo for unlimited data?) We'll have to see if anyone else will compete for this market.
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    I have had less problems with Sprint than any other provider. I am sticking with them.
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    Originally posted by peyote
    how many carriers have unlimited web access (at a good price too)? As far as I know, sprint's the only one.
    T-Mobile has an unlimited data plan. And has not been charging their customers for number portablitiy.

    I'm glad some people have had positive experiences with Sprint. Unfortunately, there is a large portion of their customer base that has had very poor reception, failure of the SPCS service, and the run-arounf from ignorant tech support (just look at some of the posts in this section).

    That is why, along with AT&T, the are looking to be the big loosers once number portability takes effect.
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    What recourse (if any) do we have with SPCS re: charges for # portability before the enactment date?

    I have this charge on my latest bill and wonder if they are violating any rules/law in this respect. Any TC attorneys out there?

    Bob Duckworth
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    I'm not an attorney, but this has been discussed heavily over at SprintUsers and you have pretty much have no recourse. The FCC has said that carriers are allowed to recoup the costs for number portability from their users. They didn't specify what they could or couldn't charge, so it varies from carrier to carrier. There were people that were able to cancel without getting charged the termination fee the month they put the charge on the bill because technically they changed the contract which voided the termination fee. If you didn't cancel that month though and continued to use the service then you basically agreed to accept the fee(because use of service is considered acknowledgement as stated in the fine print of the contract) and will be charged for terminating your contract early.

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