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    Ok kids, tell me what you think. We're still making some changes but overall it's a pretty cool feature. It won't show all the affiliate markets at this time but at least you can see where we have towers and where towers are coming up.

    You will have to download some Java 2 applications, it will automatically do that for you once you click the link. It'll take a few to complete that process. No way around it at this time.

    or go to and click coverage on the left nav, then tower maps.

    TIA for the feedback and we'll be adding a few things to it soon to make it even easier to use.

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    NICE! I was about to post this info, definately cool!
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Absolutely fantastic. Now I know why my signal is a little on the weak side at the house - I'm at the epicenter between three cells and the water.
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    Very cool... I was wondering if I'd have good coverage at one spot... now I see there's a tower right there!

    HOWEVER, its clear that the towers must vary significantly in power. Some towers are covering huge areas compared to other towers. For example, we get fantastic signal all over Breckenridge, CO. We use Sprint without trouble on the ski slopes and throughout most of Summit County... yet there are very few towers there. In contrast, there's a lot of deadspots in other areas where the towers are fairly dense in comparison.

    It would be nice if instead of yellow for everything, they colorized them based on signal strength.
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    The height of the antennas will play a factor as well. With RF, height = might. That, plus market factors such as population, expected usage, etc, would determine how many cell sites are in a given area.

    For example, check out Philadelphia - they have one every half block, it seems..
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    Apparently the maps have been temporarily discontinued...

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