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    i just want to add that i experience similar problems in CT
    pcsvision seems to be a hit or miss. it usually starts out working and then stops a some point giving me the 3000 error. e.g. i sit in a cafe send two pictures via email to somone and then it suddenly stops working. when i try it at a later point it works fine again.

    oh well, just to share the joy :-))

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    The solution for me was to request a new Treo600 - that fixed the problem - I think SPCS is having issues with their towers and certain phones - their authentication database servers are getting corrupted and along with their ESN.

    Just ask for a new one :0
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    Getting a new phone solved the problem for me also. I started getting the error 3000 just before Christmas and had my phone reflashed at the store which fixed the problem temporarily. A few days later, I had the same problem only when operating off of certain towers. I replaced the phone 5 days ago and haven't had a problem since.
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    Here is an update. I woke up today and decided to connect to PCS Vision to write down the exact error before I called sprint again. Low and behold VWALA!! I was getting "established connection" and I was connected.

    I called 4 of my other close friends who have had the same issue and theres connected fine as well. Im hoping this error doesnt keep coming back but instead stays away. I shall post any changes if they were to appear.

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    After trying to solve Error 3000 in countless hours with the Vision helpdesk, ## codes and attempts to manual programming (now I have all codes and passwords!), they sent me as last resort to the Sprint store to get it "manually provissioned" by wire. Of course, when I arrived to the store, nobody there really didn't knew how to do that (it was too new device, they said), and finaly they decided it was a defective unit and finish my ordeal by ordering a replacement for me.

    But the ordeal didn't stopped there -- I had to wait for 6 weeks for it (yeah, six weeks, not a typo), since they messed up the order and only sent me the RMA kit but no phone. After more support calls for UPS tracking numbers, they found they haven't included in the order the phone

    Finaly, I recevied yesterday a refurbished Treo 600. I activated it and after 24 hours more (it was supposed to work after 4 hours) and two more calls to the Vision help desk with error 67 (registration failure; they had some server upgrade and this and that), finaly it provisioned fine and now connects just like my old Treo 300 to the data services, web, etc. And yet no real SMS - just the fake Web messaging they still have.

    Well, it took me almost 3 months to get this phone working...

    Dear reader, you may ask yourself why this poor looser waited so long and didn't simply returned the phone. Sprint really sucks, but the only reason I stick to this Treo 600 is because is from my company's busniess account. Otherwise I would have changed to any other provider with the GSM version of the device months ago, as I did for my family's 3 phones lines. As soon as the number portability was available, and my "advantage" agreement expired, I swaped providers and now the rest of my family have real service and SMS with ATT --- but not me

    New buyers of Sprint services - beware!!!

    P.S. This is a real story.
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    yea man I feel your pain.......I went thru it all but just not as long as you did.
    If God brought you to it He'll bring you thru it!
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    Great thread. I don't mean to complicate things, but off and on, I've been getting an "error 300" number whenever I try to manually sync my email. Funny thing is, I am able to sync with no problem my Sprint business connection client. But when I try to sync the client I added, I get the error. Is my error 300 issue related to your error 300 problem? Any advice? Thanks for listening.
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