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    I received my Treo 600 yesterday. One of the biggest concerns of mine is not so much missing a call while using data, but not getting voicemail notification quickly while surfing. It appears to me in my extremely limited use that voicemail notifications are sent immediately. In a few tests I've ran with my girlfriend, she'll get sent directly to voicemail, and I'll get the notification seconds after she leaves one. Is this the experience everyone else is having? It's an important issue for me because I'm an airline pilot on call and it's required I return any missed calls from my company within 15 minutes.
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    I can only speak of my VM notifications with my Samsung Sprint PCS, non-PDA phone -- it was always a few seconds delay, and I think it's a Sprint issue, not the T600.

    i.e. when I deliberately didn't answer the phone after 3 rings, and someone left a VM, I didn't get the VM until 10-15 seconds later.

    Don't forget to calculate the time it takes for someone to leave a message.
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    All experiences I've had demonstrate nearly instantaneous notification. Such that one time I called back the person (I knew who had called) before she put the phone down.
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    how do you get voicemail notification?
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    i dont think its a feature you need to turn on. If someone leaves you a VM, you'll see a little envelope icon on the corner.
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    oh that; I thought you meant like a ring or vibrate. is that available?
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    On Sprint, there should be a ring for the VM notification (for all current non-smartphones, there was & it was customizable) -- since I don't have my T600 yet, can anyone verify?

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