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    I received a TREO 600 yesterday, and got MSL Code.

    I read many articles and many people talked about this topic. There are stories what I know...

    1) Sprint PCS headsets have MSL code. MSL code is used to change SID (System ID), channel information, roaming information, MDN (Mobile Device Number), and MSID.

    2) MSL code starts ##, and length is 6 digits.

    3) CDMA network requires system ID and channel information to search networks, and ESN must be registered at system to received a call.

    OK. But the problem was number 3. Sprint uses one single network over the country. It means, sprint's SID(System ID) is same over the country. However Verizon used a scrap of small networks. So under Verizon networks, SID, and CH information are no longer used. They used PRL (Primary Roaming List) to search CDMA networks when user power on the device. Also Sprint used PRL when device can't find their network.

    So, many people succeed to get MSL code to change SID and CH information on headset, but device ignore that information and prefer using PRL. But some headset can be programmed with second NAM. NAM is used before PRL, each NAM stores one SID, some channel information, and one MDN. Normal headset can has more then 1 NAM. Usually, it is used for international roaming. But most headsets under united states, PRL is first than NAM.

    PRL is updatable. For updating PRL, Verizon used *228 number, and it is updated automatically. But this protocol is not standard. It means, sprint headset does not understand the protocol of *228. Even if hardware of headset is same between sprint and verizon, applications are different.

    OK. Let's try to using TREO 600 on Verizon Networks.
    First of all. you must get MSL code for treo 600. Every device has own MSL code. It depends on ESN.
    Turn on the device, push the MSL. But unfortunately, TREO 600 only can changed MDN and MSID. Type your verizon phone number at MDN and MSID field, and press OK. That's it!
    Go to and logon your account and register your TREO 600 ESN.
    Now you can make a call and received a call.
    But problem is, your headset uses sprint's PRL, not verizon.
    It means, when you make call 611, sprint customer center is reached, not verizon. So, how can we update RPL with veriozn ?
    Well, I'm still trying it. In my home, sprint signal is very weak, but verizon signal is very strong. I wrapped my headset up in aluminum foil, and successfully made headset used verizon roaming network. I made a call 611 and verify the verizon customer center was reached. So punched *228 to try update PRL. However, verizon cannot understand my device.
    Now I'm using TREO 600 with verizon. But device still uses sprint network. I believed I can edit PRL manually because this is a palm device. Any body has idea how can I edit PRL on TREO 600?
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    COOL! I must say I didn't understand alot of what you were saying, but it's pretty impressive none-the less! Also, are you saying you got the data connectivity to work on Verizon or just the voice?
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    If I use data, I must enter roaming mode. I'm not a subscriber of IS-95c(CDMA2000/High speed data) or 1xRTT data network. I'm using IS-95b data network (9600 bps) with kyocera 6035 palm device. And I heard sprint's 1xRTT network is not compatible with verizon but I'm not sure. 1xRTT or 95C are comes from Qualcomm technologies, and all headset uses qualcomm chipset.
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    Very Interesting. One thing occured to me as I was reading. If you are using the sprint net, will V consider that as roaming. Keep us posted as when you get your bill. Good stuff tho.
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    My plan is american choice. I'm not worry about the roaming charge.
    As I know, even if local plan users use sprint network under home area, verizon do not charge roaming fee. Before I used this plan, I used local plan and sometimes made calls thru sprint network under home area.
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    I just got mine working as well!! I love it!

    As for data, here is what I found somewhere else(excuse the lack of a foot note!) on getting a 7135 to work on Verizon's data network.


    7135 - Setting up Verizon QNC (2G) data connection
    Go to the Palm_Prefs application.
    Select Network from the menu.

    Under Service, select QNC (if it does not exist, you can create it instead).

    For use name, enter "qnc" (without the quotes, lower case)

    For password, enter "qnc" (without the quotes, lower case)

    For connection, make sure Wireless Modem is selected (if it doesn't exist, see note at bottom of this FAQ)

    For Phone enter "#777" (without the quotes)

    Select the Details button.

    For connection type, seclect PPP

    For Idle Timeout, select Never (unless you want it to disconnect you if you forget, since you are paying for minutes, you might want to consider setting a value here)

    Check the box next to Query DNS and IP Address

    Click the Script button.

    There should be an existing script there, but you will need to modify it (probably just the first line).

    The correct values are:

    Send: at$qcmdr=2
    Send CR:
    Send: at$qcqnc=1
    Send CR:

    Click OK
    Click OK again
    Click Connect

    You will see the connection dialog box. If you get an error, you will need to call Verizon and have them activate Data on your account (NOT Mobile Web, there is a monthly charge for that, just Data. If they seem confused, tell them you have a Mobile Office kit....).

    If you are succesful, the connect button will change to Disconnect.

    You should now be able to use the EIS browser (the program name is Web, and starts when you hit the Web button), the Eudora browser, and Eudora mail or any downloaded internet application. In each of these applicatoins you MAY need to set your network preferences to connect using the QNC network setting. I believe if you set it in one, it will set it in all.

    You will not be able to use the Openwave Browser (the Browser applicatoin on the Phone page). This is the WAP browser that requires either Verizon Mobile Web or more advanced settings to use a 3rd party gateway. If there are WAP sites you want to see, I instead recommend downloading Blazer from handspring's web site. It works for both WAP and regular web sites with no special configuration, and in many cases is faster then EIS. I may get around to posting an FAQ on setting up to use the OpenWave browser with Waptunnel, but I am not currently using it, so I am not in any hurry to make it happen....

    Note: some users have reported that the Wireless Modem setting does not exist. I believe this is from users of previous Palm devices other then the 6035 who had cell phone connectivity (IR for instance) and who have synched their data, only deleting the saved preferences from their backup, but not the Palm SMS and other phone connectivity applications. If you do not have the wireless modem option, in Prefs_PDA, go to the Connection page.

    Select New...

    For Name enter: Wireless Modem

    in connect To, select: Modem

    in Via select: Wireless

    For Dialing, select: TouchTone

    For Volume, Select: Off (although I don't believe it matters)

    Click the Details button

    For Speed, select 115,200 bps

    For Flow Ctl select: Automatic

    Leave the Init String blank

    Hit the OK button
    Hit the OK button on the next page.

    Go back to Network and now Wireless Modem will be an option.

    Please post questions or discussion about this FAQ to the discussion thread:
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    And thanks for MSL code .
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    Im in Dominican Republic, we have a company here that offers cdma/1xrtt

    So, can i safely buy a treo600Sprint and make it work in Dominican Republic?
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    Congrats mines and alawishous!

    alawishous, did you find a way to update your PRL to Verizons so it no longer is Sprints?

    Also, did you get your data working using the 7135 info you posted?

    Thank you both for moving the puzzle forward.
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    No, to both questions.... athough still working on it. I'm optimistic though about getting the phone outside of the PCS network and doing an over the air update for the PRL. As for data, I haven't spent any time on it yet... Please post if you find anything!
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    Care to share the MSL code? ;-)

    If not, where can I get it?


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    mines stated above:

    First of all. you must get MSL code for treo 600. Every device has own MSL code. It depends on ESN.
    So are MSL codes different for each individual phone or is the MSL code shared for all phones of the same model?
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    Originally posted by mwelp
    mines stated above:

    So are MSL codes different for each individual phone or is the MSL code shared for all phones of the same model?
    Sprint generated MSL codes for their phones based on the ESN and their own super-secret cypher. Verizon does this too...

    The good news is that anyone that works for Sprint can access this information, even if you don't have Sprint service. Many employees will do it for around $10, you just have to find one.
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    Hello i just got my new phone treo 600

    I'm trying to activate it on Bell mobility,does not work ???

    Witch esn did you gave to verizon
    1- the 11 digit number or
    2- the one you have in the activation window where you put your number and sid (my sid here is 16420 so i gess i have to put 00000016420?)

    Bell tell me they can only take numbers for esn???

    Please help

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    ESN is written on back of headset or box.
    Verizon customers can activate new phone on Just type dec number of hex number of esn, and click!

    And you must punch your phone number in TREO 600 with MSL code.
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    ok and for your sid number is it 5 digit??
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    Any luck getting the PRL code to change from Sprint to Verizons?
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    Unfortunately, there is no field to change SID in TREO 600.
    As I know, TREO is searching network based on PRL. PRL was programmed for searching SPRINT Network. If there is no sprint network, TREO 600 tries other networks based on PRL. It means even if we successfully activated TREO 600 at Verizon or the other network, we must use sprint network first. If other carrier does not have agreement with sprint, we cannot use TREO 600.

    I'm still researching changing PRL in TREO 600. Handspring announced TREO 300 update software before, this SW can update PRL in TREO 300. It means, PRL can be programmed by HotSync.

    Is any body who knows SDK or API to deal with TREO CDMA module?
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    If Verizon has the ESN # in their system, and you have the MSL, shouldn't the *228 update the PRL automatically? I thought that was the case.

    I bought an Alltel 7135 and had it working on the VZ network without any problems. Just gave VZ the ESN # and did *228.
    I also had to manaully input the data information to connect to the web.

    I thought the MSL "unlocked" the phone?
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    Sure, I tried *228 on Verizon Network.

    To use verizon network, find good place where Verizon signal is superior to sprint.
    And wrap your headset with alumina foil. Maybe headset only get verizon signal. We can verify as "R" Mark beside antenna icon.

    And dial 611 to check which network TREO 600 is connected. I verified my headset is connect verizon network and called *228! But verizon cannot update TREO 600 PRL.

    I think, may be update PRL sprint protocol is different with verizon or verizon does not have information of TREO 600.
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