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    I know it's still technically rumor, but with all the details coming forward, it does (to me) seem clear that the Treo 600 (or possibly some new and improved 610) will be available on the Verizon Wireless network.

    I am more than familiar with the extreme delays seen with respect to the testing phase of phones on the VZW network. I currently own a 7135 and waited for it for many months before it was finally released. But the most recent indication is March or April at the latest for the Treo 600 on VZW. Heck, if 'mines' comments show anything, it's that the phone will work fine.

    For the short length of time involved right now (4-8 weeks) why go through all the trouble of trying to get a Sprint Treo 600 to work on the VZW network?

    Though I must admit to being VERY impressed at the fact that you guys have gotten Express Network to work. Damn impressive.

    This was one of the more interesting posts within HowardForums:

    But this is the post I really like from Treocentral:

    Note the comment at the bottom of his post. I thought that was funny.
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    Where is the PST software download avable or would any one know where I could get a copy?
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    I get a an error " 0w7001" I'm using a treo 300. Does it apply?

    Originally posted by ideefixe
    woo hoo! Express Network, baby!

    1) Ok, go into Network Preferences --> hit the menu key --> View Log

    2) type in: pdpset 1
    and hit the enter key...then hit done

    3) ignore the new network service just created called PCS Vision. You'll want to create a new service connection...

    4) hit menu, select New, and fill in:
    Service: Express Network
    Connection: High Speed Wireless
    User Name:
    Password: vzw

    5) click on Details, click off Mobile IP, then OK

    6) now, click on Connect and watch your tower icon change to data mode

    For some reason Blazer requests are timing out... but EudoraWeb works fine.

    Have fun!

    oh yeah, I think you need National Access on your Verizon account for Express Network to work....
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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by akassin
    [B]I get a an error " 0w7006" I'm using a treo 300. Does it apply?
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    Here's a quick tip for updating the PRL: *228 itself will simply connect to the carrier that it's already set to. However, *22801 and *22802 will link to the A and B channels respectively (they're 800Mhz CDMA channels), while *22803 through *22805 (or even 06, etc.. I don't know) link to the 1900 Mhz PCS channels. At least in New York City, Verizon is the B channel, so that once Verizon Wireless knew my ESN, I could dial *22802 and update the PRL that way.

    By the way, has anyone gotten the picture messaging feature to work properly over the Verizon network? Can anyone receive EMS (1,000 character SMS messages, as opposed to the normal 160-175?)


    Originally posted by Jay21
    If Verizon has the ESN # in their system, and you have the MSL, shouldn't the *228 update the PRL automatically? I thought that was the case.

    I bought an Alltel 7135 and had it working on the VZ network without any problems. Just gave VZ the ESN # and did *228.
    I also had to manaully input the data information to connect to the web.

    I thought the MSL "unlocked" the phone?
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    The MSL is used whenever you need to get in to the phone programming on any phone, for any purpose, including updating the PRL (*228).

    Every phone that verizon sells has the same PRL: 000000. So when a verizon customer dials *228, the Verizon system enters 000000 as the PRL to get into the programming of the phone to update the PRL. If the PRL of the phone is not all zeros, it fails.

    Sprint, on the other hand, assigns a different PRL to every phone, and when you dial *228, it looks up the right PRL to get in to update it.

    Thus, when you take a sprint phone, with a non-zero PRL, and try to use Verizon's over-the-air programming, it fails, because the PRL is not zeros. That's why you need the PST software to change the PRL to zeros so it will fully work on Verizon.

    As for the 7135 from Alltell-- they also use all zeros for their PRLs, so when you take an alltell phone to verizon, they can program it, no problem.
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    Go to google, and type "Kyocera PST".

    You're feeling lucky!

    PS) Here is a sample link which I found using google
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    Thanks for the link but those RAR files are password protected.
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    I just upgraded to the new firmware. No problems as yet. The firmware did fix my SMS reboot issue.
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    ideefixe (or whomever else has gotten their t600 working with data on VZW)...

    Can you comment on the speed of VZW's data network versus Sprint?

    Just picked up a t600 off Amazon last week and switched service over to Sprint, but if all the incredible work you guys have done here is right, it sounds like I might be able to sweet talk the VZW folks into voiding that early term fee I got slapped with and taking me back on my prior VZW plan.

    My old 7035 was a dog on VZW's network versus the t600 on Sprint so I'm really curious to know: how does the Treo look on VZW?

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    I just ran the DSL Reports mobile speed test and I'm getting speeds from 40kbps - 75kbps @ 11pm. I don't have a Sprint account to compare to, but I would imagine it'd be similar since both are 1xRTT.

    Sprint's vision might "feel" faster since your web requests are proxied and optimized before they reach your phone.

    Hey guys, any progress on pic sharing?
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    I just ran the test on Sprint and got 88kbit/sec, 2.755s latency. Not bad for during the day in Northern VA...

    - Mike
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    Anyone know where I can get the KWPST software?
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    Hi all,

    Handspring says that they will not sell a "virgin" unit, so I think the best you can do is buy one either used or "replacement" and use that. How reproducible is the procedure? Has anyone tried and it NOT worked? Is anyone using this connected to a laptop?

    Thanks, Tuc
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    Originally posted by tuctboh
    Handspring says that they will not sell a "virgin" unit, so I think the best you can do is buy one either used or "replacement" and use that.
    Thanks, Tuc
    I just bought one from Handspring's website without difficulty. Had to pay the full price of $599. Just choose the option "I already have a plan" and select Sprint. They didn't ask for an account, phone number or anything.

    Handspring has a 30-day guarantee. I thought I would try it and see what happens.
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    Sorry about the typing errors; I'm all thumbs.
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    Everything is up and running now.

    Does anybody know how to change the welcome banner from Sprint to Verizon (the one when the phone is turned on)?
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    tvBilly's modified AQUA phone.prc will change that ugly Sprint banner to a generic "connecting to wireless carrier" radio tower. It's nice, I'm using it right now. Even works after the sprint 1.10 update.

    As for picture sharing, the closest thing I've came across is using SnapperMail... or handspring's beta pop3 email program
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    Originally posted by ideefixe
    tvBilly's modified AQUA phone.prc will change that ugly Sprint banner to a generic "connecting to wireless carrier" radio tower. It's nice, I'm using it right now. Even works after the sprint 1.10 update.
    If you would like to send me a copy of your new Sprint 1.1 updated Phone.prc application, I'll make a DAAK version and post it on the site with the other versions.

    You can customize the turn-on and turn-off screens (as well as the graphic buttons), without running DAAK or an older version of the Phone.prc program that's in your phone.

    I was in the process of explaining this all to Derek when the essentials site changed hands, and I was pretty tied up on the road with work, and sort of left it in limbo.

    Bill S

    ps It look's like GeakWare's PhoneGuard has just gone from beta to release, so it may be time for DAAK to take a rest anyway. I still haven't had time to figure out how to keep the rest of the keys from silencing the ringer on incoming calls...
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