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    Are you using VZ's data network? What's the point of using the T600 if you can't use the data services? (you might as well get a different phone from verizon)

    That's awesome that you're able to use the sprint T600 on verizon's network. The T600 is such a great phone, but sprint network is just terrible.
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    The only reason I want the T600 is for the data. I'm watching this with baited breath. I keep seeing the advances with the voice part, but I keep hoping I get a notification there is an update to this forum, and its "Heres how to make it work on the data side.". I'll have one sent to me in a heartbeat!

    Verizon is a LATE LATE adopter. They want the technology on the edge of being outdated before they adopt it.
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    Originally posted by akassin
    Can I use the treo 300 on the Verizon network???

    Verizon tells me theoreticly I can, but no one at Verizon knows how to convert the phone from Sprint to Verizon.

    Do you know someone who can?

    the Treo300 is a single band 1900 mHz only phone. That is fine for Sprint, because all of Sprints network operates at 1900 mHz throuoghout the entire country.

    While Verizon uses the same technology as Sprint (CDMA), their network uses the 800mHz freq and the 1900 mHz. I think the majority of their network is 800 mHz, and with the Treo300 that means your service would be very sporatic.
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    I found this link that shows how to bypass the provisioning:

    It will now use the network connection I created, but I'm getting a new error...

    Error 3000: data service is unavailable in this area...

    I know data is available here...hmm...
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    woo hoo! Express Network, baby!

    1) Ok, go into Network Preferences --> hit the menu key --> View Log

    2) type in: pdpset 1
    and hit the enter key...then hit done

    3) ignore the new network service just created called PCS Vision. You'll want to create a new service connection...

    4) hit menu, select New, and fill in:
    Service: Express Network
    Connection: High Speed Wireless
    User Name:
    Password: vzw

    5) click on Details, click off Mobile IP, then OK

    6) now, click on Connect and watch your tower icon change to data mode

    For some reason Blazer requests are timing out... but EudoraWeb works fine.

    Have fun!

    oh yeah, I think you need National Access on your Verizon account for Express Network to work....
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    Awesome. Absolutely Awesome.

    I am going to run out a buy the T600 this weekend, activate the phone service per mines instructions then activate the data by your method.

    A few questions:

    Why do you think that it has to be National Access in order to work? I have EN added to my current local plan already (which is deducted from my minutes). If I need to switch, no big deal, I will.

    How fast is the access using EudoraWeb? How is that browser?

    Have you tried using Directory Assistance (one of my favorite programs)? This program uses the data connection to retrieve phone numbers.
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    Yes, yes, you're just need to have the EN status enabled on your account if you want to use your anytime minutes.

    EudoraWeb is pretty fast since it's text based. I still can't figured out why Blazer requests are timing out. I tried using IP's instead hostnames but still no luck. Does anyone have one of the new Tungsten C's or T2/T3? I'd be interested to know if you can copy Blazer or whatever web browser comes with those units and try it on the Treo 600.

    I have not tried Directory Assistance....I'll check it out. thanks!
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    There's probably a proxy hard-coded in Blazer somehow that is behind Sprint's system, so being on Verizon, it can't access it...

    - Mike
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    I have blazer v2.0 on my 7135 that I downloaded from somewhere. I wonder if this or another version would work.
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    Have you checked the preference in Blazer where the proxy is enabled (or disabled)?

    Menu>Preferences>Advanced>Set Proxy

    Maybe it defaults to on in Sprint T600's. If so, just turn it off.

    Bill S
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    VERY COOL! I'm so happy!

    Let's figure out the blazer brower!
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    Hello all,

    I may finally be able to help.

    Apparently sprint dns server are hard coded in the file Blazer_SPCS.prc .

    Attached is a modified version of the configuration file. Blazer is working for me now.

    Install the file below.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    What's next? Sharing Picture? hehe !
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    I'm encouraged by the progress.

    I'm wondering if there was going to be 1 document from start to finish how to do this?

    Has anyone out there ever bought one without a plan? Any suggestions where to get it? Will there be any issues getting a "clean" one? (And are any of the people that are really making headway on this located in/around the NYC Financial area who want to get this running?)

    Thanks, Tuc
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    Yes, please, please someone collect all the pieces in one step by step instruction -- and/or some techie in NYC post a number

    As for phones, can't you just order a "replacement" phone from Sprint/Handspring without a new Sprint plan?
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    Hello All--

    My serial cable is on its way. Once I complete the process, I'll make a PDF with complete instructions for everything that I know how to do and post it...

    Sound good?
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    A few questions:

    1. I already have an account/number with Verizon using a 7135 . Do I need to let Vz know what phone I am using? If not, what happens to my Kyocera 7135? Would both phones ring?

    2. I plan on buying an unactivated CDMA Treo ASAP. So, I guess I am ineligible for any kind of insurance plan, right? Could a friend buy one through Sprint at full price, not activate it and get the extra insurance? I wouldn't think so. Any ideas?

    3. Right now, the car kit does not work for CDMA phones. I read on the accessory forum that this may be due to a software issue that Sprint will have addressed by April. If this is so, how will us non-Sprint users get such an update?
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    1. You can only have one phone activated at a time on Verizon. Thus, you could use one or the other, not both... only one phone would ring.

    2. You couldn't get insurance through Verizon, and as soon as you switched the phone off of sprint, sprint's insurance would be cancelled if you had your friend buy it. You may be able to buy insurance from your regular insurance company. Ask them.

    3. If such an update existed, one way to get it would be to find a sprint tech who was willing to install it even though you don't have an account. Or, you can hope that someone would be able to figure out how to install the software from your own computer. This is one of those "we can't know 'till we get there" things. And even when we get there, I'll bet some have better luck than others...
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    Thanks. No surprises (unfortunately)

    So, by activating the T600 by the methods above, that would effectively disconnect the 7135? I do not need to call Vz?

    One more: can I use a USB to serial conversion cable, or must I use the OEM serial cable?
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    When you activate a new phone with verizon, it does automatically deactivate your old phone. Whether you call verizon and have them switch it or you switch it yourself online, the new ESN replaces the old one. Your 7135 would become a very pretty clam-shell palm pilot. (Unless, of course, you activate a new plan for it...)

    As for the serial/USB adapter... I personally wouldn't try it, only because from what I've read about such things and my personal experience with them, they can be kinda picky and sometimes require special drivers to work anyway. I think the problem isn't that the phone can't be programmed using a USB cable, it's that the software doesn't come with a driver to do that. I may, of course, be mistaken.
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