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    I agree that sprint probably queries for the ESN, looks up the MSL, and then uses it to program the phone OTA. I talked to a contact I have in verizon tier two support and asked him if there was anywhere in my account info that you could put in an MSL other than all zeros... since he was in the data service department he didn't know, but he hadn't heard of any such thing... I'll keep everyone posted if I find out anything...

    As far as the Activation program on the T600 itself goes, unless there is some special code to get into advanced mode, the only things you can program are the phone number and MSID, as far as I know... (as described in this and other threads...) I think the three best possibilities for solving the MSL problem are: 1) uni-CDMA software... a work in progress, it seems, by several members in various forums. 2) Getting someone at verizon (or, highly unlikely, sprint) tech support to use their uni-CDMA software to change the MSL. 3) Getting someone at verizon to figure out how to program their software to use a non-zero MSL.
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    Should I assume this whole reprogramming thing will NOT work for me since my Treo is AT&T GSM??
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    A GSM phone cannot be programmed to work with either Sprint or Verizon. Period.

    AT&T, however, is not that bad in my area, except for my house itself, therefore, blowing the whole thing for me. Besides, I still have 14 months (and counting) on my contract. By then, Verizon should be about done testing the Treo! Not that their testing is worth anything. They did let the 7135 through, didn't they?
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    According to this thread
    the CDMA Sprint Treo 600 works in Shanghai.

    I will be going there in a few weeks, and would like to use my Treo with a LOCAL Shanghai phone number. I want China Unicom to be my carrier, to make and receive local phone calls, without having anything to do with Sprint. I do not want to get involved with international roaming. I am not interested in data, just voice.

    I assume that the process of connecting with China Unicom is the same as connecting with Verizon, as outlined in the first post of this thread. I know what my MSL is.

    My questions are, will the PRL need to be updated, even though Sprint is not in China? And if so, do I need to change my MSL to 000000? How do the SID and CID get changed?

    If I were to change my MSL to 000000, would I be able to get PRL updates from Sprint?

    I know this is all theoretical at this point. I would just like to hear your thoughts.
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    It looks like the thing that is stopping everybody is setting the MSL code to 000000. I have not been able to find that menu option that allows one to change the MSL on the phone, if it even exists. I suppose the other way around is to remove the PRL via software but this would require a cable that would attach from the Treo 600 to the computer. I have read in other threads that the cable used with the previous Treo 270 series will work with the Treo 600 for programming.

    Information on your specific SID can be located on the NET. At least that's how I found the SID for my Verizon service.

    At this point I am packing it in. I just cannot seem to get past the PRL update and frankly Sprint service in my area is just awful. Really gets to me when they claim that they have superior coverage in my area when they don't. I have purchased a GSM version of the Treo 600 and can use a pay as you go SIM card. At least with GSM I can roam on all the others networks and still get data access. Good luck all!

    - Derek
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    Heya Mr. Bill the Cat, here is what I just got today in regards to the Shanghai,China-Sprint/UniCom issue. I know you want a local number, but figures this info may help?

    ****************Just got this email from the helpful person/manager that I finaly got a hold of.

    So it looks like it can be done, I just found out too late. Heading home tommorrow.

    So as of now, i can receive calls that are made to my Treo600(CDMA Version) from the US and China. Both have to call my normal 10-digit PCS number.

    I can also call most anywhere in Shanghai too. Just dial the local 8 digit number.

    No Vision, but beggers can't be choosers...LOL

    This is what I got today on HOW I CAN CALL THE US.....

    I've got that email I have been anticipating. We can set up your phone to be able to call out of China. It would require an international roaming code that has to be approved through our Fraud dept. If you would like this to be set up, we can submit a template and request the activation of this feature. Fraud must be able to contact you on a US land line phone to verify. The cost for roaming with you PCS phone is $0.99 per minute airtime. Long Distance would be charged based on the tower you are calling from. Ex. If you are calling a number that is considered "local" to the tower you have connected to, then there would be no charge. However, If you make a call that is considered LD to that tower, then you would be charged a rate that varies. This means that it could be as little as $0.25 and as much as $5.60 per minute

    So use this at your own risk, seeing that there is no info on their site yet, but it looks promising. If I had more time, I would try it and see if it works. I don't see why it would not.

    Also, it looks like one better get setup BEFORE leaving the US. I would assume in this occasion, they would make an exception?

    Hope this helps someone, then all mu fustration is not in vein...Matt Burkhard
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    To make my question simpler...

    In the first post, MINES says he can connect to the "verizon roaming network".

    When he is connected to the "verizon roaming network"...

    1. Is he being billed as a normal verizon customer, or is he going to incur roaming charges?

    2. Can he have a conversation with someone that calles his verizon number?
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    No posts in awhile. I thought I would gently "bump" this thread in case any new viewers have something new to contribute, Sorry if I scared any of us subscribers into thinking we actually had a solution!
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    Finally, I succeeded change PRL of TREO 600.

    SMS works well, MSL has been set as 000000.

    *228 works well also.

    Data... I need some files. TREO requires some configuration before using data connection (vision service). I don¡¯t know what preference files are requires.

    Full making story will be posted soon!
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    How to change Sprint’s TREO 600 PRL and MSL.

    Kyocera Wireless PST 3.1
    TREO 600 Serial HotSync Cable (cables for TREO 2xx, 3xx are OK)
    Your TREO 600 MSL
    Verizon PRL file.

    Kyocera Wireless PST (Product Support Tool) is software can change internal information of Kyocera wireless handsets. This program can support most Kyocera cell phones.

    Every TREO 600 has different 6 MSL code. You must use the other software (UniCDMA SW) or contact someone to know MSL code.

    Verizon PRL file can be obtained at

    Step 1)
    Install Kyocera Wireless PST.

    Step 2)
    Connect TREO 600 with Serial Cable.
    Punch ##3424 followed by dial button at phone screen of TREO 600.
    You can see the message “Passthrough Enabled…”

    Launch Kyocera Wireless PST Service Programming at Start -> All Programs -> Kyocera Wireless PST menu.
    Select “QCT-6200” at Phone Selection dialog box and click OK.
    Press “Read from Phone” at QCT-6200 dialog box, and type MSL code.
    After reading all information, change Service Programming as 000000.
    Click CDMA Tab, and change MCC = 000, 11_12=00, type directory # and IMSI_S as your Verizon phone number.
    Click Roam Tab, and click “Browse…” button. Select Verizon PRL file.

    Step4) Click Write To Phone button. And wait about 1 minute.

    Welcome to Verizon!

    If you have “Roaming” message on phone screen, punch ##3825 or ##727 or ##2362. Because sometimes TREO 600 works as PCS only or CDMA only. 3825 means “Dual”, 727 means “PCS (1900Mhz)”, and 2362 means “CDMA (800Mhz)”.
    You can check which Band is used by punching ##33284.

    If you want to change “Sprint” logo on left top side of phone screen, you must edit banner of TREO internal Modem. Using “Software Download” software at Kyocera Wireless PST, you can download all NV Data. After editing Sprint Banner with hex editor (like QEdit), restore again with modified file and you can change the logo.

    Dial to 611 and check the network name! Also dial to *228 to update your PRL and Phone setting!

    Good Luck!
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    mines, Nice job! Sound like you have voice working on Verizon but no data yet. Correct?

    alawishous posted on page one of this forumn some instructions for data. They may be helpful.
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    Very cool!

    Any suggestions as to where I can buy the Kyocera Wireless PST 3.1 software?

    Or do you know where the protocol that that software uses to talk to the phone is documented? If so, then I could write an open-souce tool that was just good enough to change the MSL on the phone. Once that's done, you should be able to download the new PRL by just finding a Verizon-only coverage location and doing a *228xx, right?

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    Just got back from the Sprint Store. The tech there was very knowledgeable and helpful. He tried to set my MSL to 000000 with the stores universal PST, but there was no option to do so.

    So I started thinking... the only reason that mines needs to change the MSL is to be able to update the PRL. But, if he is in a location with no Sprint service he can use Verizons service without needing to update the PRL.

    In China, there is no Sprint service, so I believe that I won't need to update my PRL, thusly I don't need to change my MSL. All I need to do is register my ESN with China Unicom and change my phone number, and I should be set! I think the reason that Burkhardi got roaming instead of China Unicom service is because they didn't have his ESN. Just in case, I bought a serial cable. I'm sure I'll be able to bribe someone if I need to.

    Which got me started thinking about something else... I got my MSL from my Sprint Store with no questions asked. Maybe it's because I'm not being subsidized. Or maybe it's because of number portability. The stores should be required to give you your MSL, or SIM lock, code. You can't change providers without it. The law states that you can change providers even if you have an existing contract. I'd try this on them if they give you any grief.
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    Great job. But I'm not a programmer, just someone who really wants a treo 600 on Verizon. So, I have two questions:
    1. Mines, is your treo now accessing data/email via verizon's data service?
    2. Is there anyone out there (or better, in NYC) who can reprogram a Sprint Treo 600 for me, the way Mines did his, for a reasonable fee?
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    OK. Here is my screen shots.

    I edited banner of TREO 600 (using ultraedit and kyocera PST).

    Check my PRL and Version.

    And screen shot when the radio is on.

    OK. The problem of data connection is that TREO 600 requires software update using sprint vision service.

    And it's trying to connect sprint vision service (maybe some web site which only connect from sprint network).

    And the result is... (Account fail).

    Because I do not have sprintPCS account.

    So, If I have some update files, maybe my treo does not require software update before making data connection.

    Any body can help this problem?
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    I read in another thread that the Sprint phones use software specifically for their Vision service, and most likely, this is imbedded into ROM.

    Maybe those files can be located and removed. The question will then be how to get the correct files in. Kyocera's 7135 files may not be compliant with either OS5 or the Treo.
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    Can I use the treo 300 on the Verizon network???

    Verizon tells me theoreticly I can, but no one at Verizon knows how to convert the phone from Sprint to Verizon.

    Do you know someone who can?
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    Hello all,

    Here are my findings so far in the attempts to get highspeed data with verizon.

    1) IOTA.prc is being called. Some how the virtual and wireless modem drivers are calling this file. I tried to remove from rom, but jacksprat doesn't support the treo 600. Maybe someone can create a dummy program to prevent IOTA.prc from loading

    TCP Virtual Driver,2tcp,vdrv,194
    TCP Virtual Driver_deDE,2tcp,ovly,132
    TCP Virtual Driver_enUS,2tcp,ovly,132
    TCP Virtual Driver_esES,2tcp,ovly,132
    TCP Virtual Driver_frFR,2tcp,ovly,132
    TCP Virtual Driver_itIT,2tcp,ovly,132

    I notice these files on the gsm version of the phone. I'm not sure if it may be the missing link to our solution. Anybody have these files from the GSM rom?

    Any thoughts guys???

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you mines! I was getting marginal signal with sprint towers, but now everything is just dandy with Verizon! I'm on a regional plan so my PRL got downgraded to 42024 after the OTA update. SMS and VM notifications are working, yea! Just for kicks, I changed my "network" banner to show "Cisco" instead of Sprint.
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    If getting the T6 to work on VZ is that easy then Why don't they sell T'ps
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