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    Ok, Tell me if Im wrong.

    But when you call to get your phone activated, the # the CSR tells you punch in to Activate your phone is the MSL (to change the MDN and MSID to your phone number).

    I dont think Im wrong on this. Am I?
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    For me, Verizon offers the best coverage. It was my understanding that you couldn't use more than 50% of your time roaming if you had the Sprint roaming option. Also, I wasn 't sure if the data would work while roaming on Verizons network. Thus I am interested in having Verizon be my primary carrier.

    It doesn't sound like anyone has been able to reset the PRL to Verizon. I haven't gotten a Treo 600 yet I was waiting to see if others found that it worked for both voice and data.

    I was hoping it would be discovered before the Wednesday deadline for upgrade discount on the CDMA version. This doesn't look likely. So I guess I'll keep what I have and see if Verizon shows up with a Treo offering. Currently I have a Sidekick which works great but I moved to an area witih limited T-Mobile coverage.
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    1) Sprint Treo 600 on Verizon:

    a) Need MSL to program phone.

    b) Need to change MSL to 000000 so that it works on Verizon.

    c) Once MSL is changed, you should be able to access Verizon's PRL.

    Phone should then work as a "Verizon" phone.

    2) Will Verizon ever carry the Treo 600?

    Upon turning in the petition to Verizon, I got a very nice note from the CEO's office indicating that:

    a) They were negotiating with Handspring (now PalmOne) to determine if they would carry the Treo 600.

    b) If they decided to carry the Treo 600, it would need to be 'tested' on Verizon's network.

    These are two big 'IFS' - and even if both are fufilled, it probably will take at least 6 and probably 12 months before they would release it.

    Thus, it would be really neat if someone could figure out all the issues about getting the Sprint phone, which is dual band CDMA, to work on Verizon's network!
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    Thanks for the update! I agree it would be great for someone to figure out how to activate a Treo 600 on Verizon's network. I posted help requests on Howard's Forum and Nobody has responded. I am under the impression no one has figured it out yet. I don't have a Treo 600 to play with myself.
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    Hey mines,

    Could you give us an update on your status re: getting your 600 to work on verizon?

    What works and what doesn't?

    Anybody know whether or not the MSL *can* be changed by the end-user?
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    OK. Here we are...

    Using TREO 600 on Verizon network is possible. But we must figure out how can program PRL on TREO 600.

    First of all, I went to nook in my house to catch only Verizon signal. And tried SMS, Data, Call, Voice mail, and PRL update.

    SMS is working. I can receive and send SMS.

    Data is not working. Because, TREO needs SW update for connecting Internet. This update is done by connecting Sprint Vision Service. So when I tried to connect internet using #777(verizon QNC), TREO 600 tried to update software first and it said "It's impossible to connect internet when roaming area). So, I'm not sure this problem is caused by roaming or SW update issue.

    Voice Mail (*86) is working.


    According to RFC 2604, OTASP (Over the air service program) is the standard protocol. It means most of headsets can do this function and may be compatible thru other carriers.
    *228xx is the stand number to get OTASP.
    verizon provide many numbers... *2, *228, *22800~xx .
    No matter what numbers, *2 / *228 / *22800~xx , carry you to "verizon software / PRL update service". And there are two options. Dial 1 for configure of headset, and 2 for PRL update.
    However verizon can't update TREO 600. Maybe there is no headset information of TREO 600. (I'm still reading RFC 2604...). I had tried 01~07 (somebody said following two digits represent special roaming capabilities), but all failed. And there are some special number, 77. When I punched 77 after connection, system said some special numbers. I didn't understand what it meant.

    Also I looked TREO 270 update software. Yes, there are some .prc files to update PRL on TREO 270. I believe PRL can be updated by .prc file. But I have no idea how I can program for it.

    That's it!
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    I wonder if you could use one of the Palm utilities to take a PRL off of a Kyocera 7135 and put it on the Treo 600. Maybe it would work as Verizon supports the 7135, which is a Palm-based phone?
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    What's the name of that program ?
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    Not sure if it is possible.

    I would try one of the following:

    1) Filez

    2) Palm Insider Pro

    3) Super Utility

    They can be obtained for free or as trial versions at or


    Please keep us posted!
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    Slightly off topic, but I've had similar success with using a Samsung i500 (Sprint) on Verizon's service.

    Data will work if you set up a network connection and use this connection to dial out.
    Go go Preferences --> Network
    Service: Express Network (1xRTT)
    User Name:
    Password: vzw
    Connection: Wireless Modem
    Phone: #777

    I couldn't find a way to update my PRL neither.
    SMS doesn't work for me, so I'm curious how you guys get that to work.
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    It's great utility.

    I examined Activation application using that utility. Activation is a hidden application in TREO, and it is in charge of activation, debug mode screen, and etc. However it can't be launched. Maybe Phone application can launch this Activation application with special parameters. As we know, when we punch ## command (MSL or Debug code), phone application launches Activation application. Due to Palm Insider Pro, Activation application has functions to manual configuration of PRL and NAM. BUT WE DON'T KNOW HOW WE LAUNCH THE MENU!!

    Any body knows of some special ## command code of TREO ?
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    Did you try using filez or some other program to make it 'not visible'?
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    Anyway, key application is "Activaion" .

    But when I launched this application using other utility, it ended immediately. Maybe some special parameters are required to launch this Activation application.

    I already download SDKs, ROMs, APIs, Documentations from handspring about TREO 600...

    Well as I know, there are some mode to run TREO 600 as Tethered Mode. This mode can access TREO 600's internal CDMA module directly via USB/Serial cable.
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    I bet there is a utility program of some sort that will allow one to program the Treo 600 from a computer. Wonder what it will take to find that?
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    humble bump - anyone?
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    I disassembled Activation.prc. And I think the following codes run activation application.

    Activating ##MSL
    RTN ##786
    Debug ##33284
    Loopback ##56672225
    Mobile ##7738
    PRI ##774
    Tethered ##83843733
    Data ##3282

    Key function is Tethered mode! under tethered mode, treo 600 works as wireless modem. It means you can access wireless module thru serial cable.

    Using TREO serial cable, I founded TREO 600 uses AirPrime HSTR301HK module. And If I get Universal PST software, I can program TREO 600 PRL. Does anybody have Universal PST software? I don't want spend 100$ for software.
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    I got my treo 600 last week and am using it on verizon.

    SMS only works when I am connected to a verizon tower... which is when the phone thinks it is roaming.

    Here's how I figure. Somebody tell me if I'm wrong. The PRL tells the phone to look to sprint towers first, and verizon towers only if it can't find sprint towers. When I'm connected to sprint towers, the phone app says "sprint" in the top-left corner, and if I send an sms, it times out and gives an error that it could not communicate with the network. When I'm indoors at my house or work, in certain rooms after about 30 seconds of being there, the phone switches to roaming and SMS works. When I dial *228, I get verizon activation, not sprint, as I do when the banner reads sprint.

    The annoying part about all this is that the sprint service is always weaker in my area, so I get more dead spots and dropped calls with this phone than my old kyocera 6035. (This is because it takes about 30 seconds of being in a sprint dead spot before the phone will switch to roaming.)

    This is why we need to figure out how to get a different PRL programmed into the phone. I have a few ideas that I'll be trying this week and I'll post my results.
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    Regarding the message from mines:

    Do verizon tech support people have universal software that they could program the phone with if they new what module the phone uses? I know they wouldn't technically support it, but if you could find someone who was willing to work with you, do they have the software that could potentially download a new PRL to the phone?
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    TREO 600 uses AirPrime EM3400 CDMA module for CDMA.

    AirPirme is merged into Sierra Wireless.
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