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    What phone are you using with I've never been able to get it to work. I can put in an address and get to the page with the map and the route but then I can't push any of the buttons on that screen.
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    Agreed. I've tried on 2.2.4 with a Pre 3 and had the same issue. Think I tried on my old Pre 2 as well. Looks awesome but can't click buttons or pan correctly.

    I had even mad a Mojo app container for the page to try and fix some of the mistaken card panning! Still no bueno.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TJs11thPre View Post
    just found out about this yesterday while pestering Sprint about their lack of navigation for us.


    offers free web-based turn-by-turn voice guided navigation. just click the 'drive' button and a text field opens to accept a physical address.

    yes, web-based, so it requires data connectivity.
    what is a problem is it cancels my pandora stream as it soaks up the bandwidth.

    but it's another free alternative so just passing along the info.

    fyi: Scout is the new app from Telenav to replace Navigator for most OS's. Their site SAYS its cross-platform, but i couldn't see a link to download anything other than A and A OS's.
    It mostly does not work for me. You mean you actually got voice giving you directions? Any way I called telenav and asked about doing something for us. He said he would let the higher-ups know. Also sent an email
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