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    BBC News - US 'orders Verizon to disclose millions of phone records'

    any Americans concerned or even bothered by that?
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    Why only verizon
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    It's hypothetically possible that there were seperate orders, and verizon is the only one we know about.

    I'm definitely concerned about it. With regards to intelligence, I admit it has to be possible to capture data about an innocent person, in order to capture information about potentially deadly persons(or really, to gather any intelligence at all). They should at least have the decency to target people who at least are suspicious and their connections.

    Gathering of intelligence should be a balancing act of minimizing invasions of privacy with maximizing intelligence information. If the order for the records is true, it's particularly troubling because 1. they made absolutely no attempt at minimizing invasions of privacy by eliminating non-suspects, and 2. A judge signed off on this adventure.

    Whoever that judge is, needs to be put on trial themselves and jailed for a very very long time.

    Edit: To be clear, my argument is that they should at least have a filter for what they collect and what they don't, which maximizes the number of suspects, while minimizing the number of innocent people. How strict that filter should be, and where it draws the line is very worthy of debate. But I doubt anybody thinks that there shouldn't be a line at all....
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    We need to do away with the Patriot Act. Very unamerican.
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    The article fails to specify whether it is referring to Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic), which has been selling off its landline holdings piece by piece and not too long ago having problems with its employee unions, or Verizon Wireless, which is a joint venture between Verizon and Vodafone.

    Perhaps it's both, if they are using "Verizon" as an umbrella term and referring to landline and mobile subscribers, considering that Verizon Wireless does not omit the word "wireless" from its marketing materials and landline phones do not broadcast serial numbers

    Such metadata includes telephone numbers, calling card numbers, the serial numbers of phones used and the time and duration of calls. It does not include the content of a call or the callers' addresses or financial information.
    I'd say it borders on sloppy reporting, but BBC being British, i'll give them a pass on it this time. Incomplete news is better than no news, especially on a subject like this...

    As a VZW customer, i disgusted with this kind of surveillance, and don't quite buy the "counter-terrorism" excuse. The various extremists intending to attack the country from the inside aren't likely to be multi-year contract subscribers on VZW or to use a landline for calls (even dumber). Same goes for Mexican drug cartels. They all prefer the disposable prepaid phones, and most of those run off of AT&T or T-Mobile.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like the real target is law-abiding citizens, like journalists and various whistleblowers.

    It makes me wonder whether Barrett Brown or his mother were in fact Verizon customers...

    We Spoke to Barrett Brown from Prison | VICE United States
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    its 1 of those catch20 things, if it proved useful and did good, many would welcome it, if it seemingly did nothing then people would brand it as amazingly bad.

    i see the article changed to being a "confirmed" report as opposed to being a suspicion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geekpeter View Post
    BBC News - US 'orders Verizon to disclose millions of phone records'

    any Americans concerned or even bothered by that?
    No. There just doing to make sure that we aren't gonna blow stuff up
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    It turns out that Verizon and AT&T came forward themselves, offering the info after the Sept 11th, '01.

    Need to find the Ars article to back this up, but it shouldn't take more than a few hours before i post it. **busy**

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