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    Here's to Sprint. *raises glass and prepares to carry on, at great length*

    After... wow... 14 years, I just initiated porting out to another carrier. It felt like that scene from Old Yeller.

    They were my very first cell provider back when I was 17. I had a job and got myself a phone. Even had that old text-based browsing (so awesome!). I could bang out messages in T9 on my tiny Sanyo handset faster than I could write on a full QWERTY.

    3G came around. Moved up to a neat Java phone with Opera and all. Eventually WinMo brought me into smart phones. (The Sprint Mogul was also awesome. Still have that one.)

    Then the Pre was demoed. Couldn't believe what I was seeing. If you're reading this, you know what I mean. And wow: Sprint was the launch partner! That kept me going, along with their reasonable rates.

    But already by this time their 3G speeds were drooping. Where I once ruled the roost at a solid 700 - 1,000 kbps, today I'm lucky to reach 200 kbps. Could I go to LTE? Yeah, I guess. But 1 Mbps is fine for me, so why pay the premium? And I like my webOS devices. And I sure as don't want a big Android phone (although the GS3 Mini ain't bad, tbh).

    Until recently I always knocked around the Chicago area. I've said before on here that I point the finger at their WiMAX and general 4G roll out for the death of their 3G speeds. Shrug. Doesn't matter now.

    So I looked around. Coming from a world of $70 all you can eat (after taxes + co. discount), the post paid world looks bleak. A friend recommended Straight Talk.

    "GSM devices? SIM cards? I can get a Pre 3! I could get a Pre 3 AND a Veer!" Snatched a Pre 3 up on craigslist for $150 and gave ST a try for a month on a dummy number. Solidly 1 - 3 Mbps again. Huzzah!

    I don't mean this to dissuade anyone from choosing Sprint, mind you. For a good deal on a post-paid carrier, they're still hard to beat and I never had issues with coverage. In fact, I often had service on hike meetups where the friends I was looking for did not. But for the price their 3G just ain't cutting it for me anymore, and that's what my device of choice wants.

    My fresh SIM came today and I just pulled the trigger. It's weird to have felt some brief pang of regret as I did it. For God's sake, it's just a company. But I guess we've been through so much together for so long, and these darn phones are always a part of that, always keeping us connected.

    Yep. Old Yeller was my dog. So I did it.
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    to Ol' Yeller...

    I used to use that dog. He could hunt pretty well.

    It's just the world has passed him by. Sad, really. Time moves on is all. I hope you like the new flexibility you'll have. It's increasingly a prepaid phone world. Welcome aboard.
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    My current dog is Yeller too. She's not what she used to be, so I'll be moving on to a new pup in a couple of months too. I'm all over Chicago too and Sprint was very good with the Pre launch. Their sales staff at locations sucked badly (horrible experiences at their stores for support), so I don't have much left to give to them for what I get. So... I'll be moving back to a GSM provider (with a Pre3) and another phone and will by happy to do so. Sprint's prices are very good for unlimited (uncapped) service. But that dog simply isn't able to keep up anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    It's increasingly a prepaid phone world. Welcome aboard.
    Thanks! And yeah, maybe it is. Maybe it's the prepaid services that are finally giving us a chance to break free from the over-priced, contract-laden nightmare that folks abroad have been laughing at us for the last few years. Well, them and T-Mobile too, I guess.
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    Amen, HelloNNNewman.

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    So... I'll be moving back to a GSM provider (with a Pre3) and another phone and will by happy to do so.
    I do recommend Straight Talk, price wise. But I'm in the Bay Area now. Bring your own phone by buying a SIM from their site, or (better package) from And it's prepaid, so you can get a SIM and try it out in your phone to see whether their T-Mo or AT&T one gives good coverage. You will need a never-activated SIM once you decide to port an old number in though.

    Good info about them on Howard Forums for the uninitiated too. If you get an AT&T SIM you have to be careful not getting past 2 GB/mo they say. T-Mo less so, plus better HSPA+ speeds at small cost of coverage. But can't beat it for $42/month paying 3 months at a time.

    Porting from Sprint actually turned out to be a bit tricky, partly by my mistake. Their FB page folks were very helpful though. Just finished the process as I chatted here.

    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I'm all over Chicago too...
    Cheers! If you do go ST, I'd be curious to hear how well it works. Sure I'll be back that way to visit!
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    If it were a personal phone I'd probably grab a pre-paid (no-contract) account - but it's a company phone. Been looking at Boost and Virgin plans for my girlfriend.

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