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  1.    #1 is the skinny

    i went on because i have a draw full of phones and my girlfriend wants me to clear it up...

    ive been on sprint since 1999 and have a bunch of phones so i checked to see how much they will give me for them....

    Sanyo Katana pink $5.00
    Sanyo Katana2 pink $5.00
    my HTC Mogul 6800 is not listed so the other option is 0 dollars
    LG Lotus elite Red $5.00
    a host of older phones are also not listed

    i have a broken Pre- that i tried to fix so i checked on the Palm Pre- and they will not give anything for it
    but they will give five dollars for a Palm Treo 6800 and 750

    the DOUBLE STUMPER>>>>

    they will buy back your TOUCHPAD for $10.00 thats an INSULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they will also buy back your Veer 4G for $25.00....***!!!!!!!!!!

    i will be speaking with a sprint rep on Monday to voice my disapproval of this practice!!!

    you will pay for devices you never sold anyone but you wouldnt pay me for the ones i bought from you and in turn
    you are offering a disrespectful price in return

    explanation>>> i use to buy cellphones for my girlfriends as a go steady gift on my extra line hence the odd colored phones listed above
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    why are you surprised? Lots of companies do this (think gamestop).
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    WOW that is insane.... I should sell them one of my Veers and put the money towards a Panda.... only paid $0.01 for each Veer that $25 would be a come up LOL

    If I was still with Sprint I would complain to, it's not like their business model is to resell any of these devices.

    Oh and this is nothing like gamestop, game stores reduce value based on two things, age and quantity. Age and quantity are also the only reason they won't take something in and give you some form of cash or store credit for it. Usually the age is in relation to a new version coming out (especially in sports games), at the same time that age also reduces resale value.... that's why madden used right now is only $12 less than brand new. Really can't compare sprints practices to gamestop.
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