I have started dabbling in some of Verizon's 4g phones
I just bought a Samsung stratosphere off eBay and will be activating it soon but I just learned something that I need to share in case people are not aware

My plan was to switch back and forth btwn my beloved pre2 and the 4g Samsung phone however the 4g phones require lte sim card which can be obtained free of charge fro vzw. Problem arises when switching back to any 3G device the sim card gets inactivated and the phone doesn't work until you go back to Verizon and obtain ANOTHER sim card when you want to reactivity the 4g device.

So no more easy switching phones on vzw if you switch Btwn 4g and 3G. I think this is a bunch of bullcrap on vzw's part but unless they change the way they handle the situation I think I'd warn anyone that was in the same boat as me.

Slowly there 3G devices will be getting phased out too