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    I have received much tounge lashing and slack from folks in forums regarding the GPS issue with Verizon and my persistance in calling them out on this. As it turns out, the BBB has agreed with me on their "false advertising" claim and have awarded me 1/3 of the total amount Verizon has received from me thus far. Almost 2 years with 3 data lines is in the 4 digits fo dollar amounts, so it's not chump change. However, it isn't what I figure was fair and I'm apparently still bound by contract to pay them monthly for the service they swindled me into for the remainder of time (only a couple more months). But if the BBB agreed they did wrong, I don't feel right taking my payoff and not getting word out there that others have been screwed as well. I have yet to accept the offer, though Verizon only has a few days to pay me. So, I need to make my decision soon. Would a lawyer take this since BBB already sided with me? It should be a straight forward case at this point, no?

    Thoughts? Questions?
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    take money
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkhanmd View Post
    take money
    That will leave all of the rest of you to do this same 6 month process with the BBB. And there are plenty of chances to screw up your complaint, replies, etc... Once you screw up or don't hit one of their obsurd deadlines they conveniently would throw at me over Holidays, your complaint defaults to Verizon and they appear to be correct in their rebuttle as documented by the BBB. However, they will double and triple the alloted time whikle calling repeatedly to Verizon to ensure everything on their end is taken care of. It's pretty blatent how it works over there... BBB is not for the consumer. Sure they sided with me, but did not give full award when Verizon was said to have done wrong. They didn't screw me over only 1/3 of the time... They gave me the bare minimum they thought they could bribe me with and left me to complete my contract signed under false claims.
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    Your complaint was about the GPS issues, right? Not about their phone service or data service? If so, then 1/3 sounds reasonable. You still received the promised phone and data service didn't you?
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    That was the reasoning of the arbitrator, however I am still having to pay full price for the remainder of contract even though the service of GPS still hasn't been provided. I agree, 1/3 would be fair if it was for the total amount Verizon will receive from me regarding the contracts. However, this still doesn't help anyone else. Also, I would have never signed with Verizon if they weren't the only ones offering the GPS Palm device at the time, which is what I was after being my Treo never did do that. I wanted the GPS part of the phone. Also they have now removed the mobile hotspot by upgrading my phone in attempts to fix the GPS, which I was using all the time and really appreciated. Now it's a service I have to pay for. Not to mention all the time I have wasted trying to get to this point with them... It doesn't come close to being fair compinsation. It's the equivelent to the bare minumum I might accept.
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    take money, otherwise you will waster more time and more money, end it now instead of drawing it even further on.
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I assume you mean they were the only ones with coverage in your area? Sprint was offering it before Verizon.

    Personally I'd say that if you feel that passionately about it, take the 4-digit pay out and then pay the ETF to cancel your lines and go to a different carrier. The ETF is going to cost less to you than paying for those remaining months. Or you can try to have the counter offer of the payout plus them canceling your remaining service without charging the ETF. That is unless you wanted to stay grandfathered into their unlimited data service.

    That's just how I see it.
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    Take the money, then, if you are not bound by any confidentiality clauses, write an ebook on how to get 1/3 of your money back from them, market it and sell it in the clickbank market place to existing verizon customers. You can stand to make a whole lot more than you will ever get by getting an attn involved.
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