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    I have the original Pre on Sprint, if I need to remain on Sprint, what's the best phone I can buy online to put on my account?
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    Your best bet is to Sprintify a Pre2 -- upgrade your hardware but keep webOS, your app investment, and avoid a new contract and the $10/mo smartphone fee.

    Lacking that, my wife and son have the Evo and the Evo Shift. The Shift is acting up after just a couple months, but the Evo has been solid. Get the warranty.
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    checkout the Epic II. Sure, it's Droid and a lot bigger than the Pre, but the hardware is pretty powerful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 19841776 View Post
    I have the original Pre on Sprint, if I need to remain on Sprint, what's the best phone I can buy online to put on my account?
    I'm in the same boat and my Nexus 4g should arrive today. It's not the newest, and no physical keyboard, but it's highly likely to get Ice Cream Sandwich sooner rather than later. That was, finally, the deciding factor. The webos-like features built into ICS are enough of a draw for me.

    My biggest concern is contact management and calendars. Not sure how that'll work yet.

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    I recommend the iPhone because it will provide the best resale value if/when you decide to get a couple of pre2's
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    Quote Originally Posted by prolongexistence View Post
    Not a duplicate -- the other thread is asking about webOS phones.
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    You know, up until about 3 days ago, I would've suggested that Nexus phone, or the new Samsung Galaxy II thing, or of course, the iPhone 4S.

    But I just got an older Android phone so that I can start getting away from webOS, and I can't stand it.

    The UI just doesn't make sense. I want to just start typing to do something, but there's no keyboard to type on, and there's no place for me to type. It takes forever to send a text. I know it's an old model (HTC Hero), but my mom's Epic 4G is similar. And, I'm afraid, the iPhone may be in the same boat.

    I guess I'll get used to it after some time, but I'll miss webOS.

    As for what you should get? That depends on your budget. iPhone 4S is really nice, but really spendy. The Nexus 4G, I believe, has decent hardware, straight Android, and is priced somewhat inexpensive. That was going to be my choice.
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    Ice Cream Sandwich is going to bring Android up to webOS-class. Task switching and notifications are vastly improved.
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    I'm holding out: about to get my first FrankenPre2 so I can stay on Sprint with webOS until some better news arrives, or the competition is close enough to webOS.

    Who knows? Maybe Santa will bring HP some common sense for C'mas!?!

    (Eternal optimist, I guess)
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    I recently got a Kyocera Echo as part of a trade (I know...I know...CRAZY phone) in trade and began using it in place of my FrankenPre2 because I can get the University of Phoenix App on it. It's running Gingerbread, and if it was not for the UofP app, I would have already gone back to the Pre2. I have tweaked it abit with SetCPU and LauncherPro and it runs pretty well, plus with two screens it has TONS of space or a full keyboard on one and the site on another. But compared to WebOS on a normally aspired Pre 2, Gingerbread on this phone is slow and not intuitive compared to WebOS. I realize higher end phones will have a better Android experience, but when I picked up my Pre 2, which I'm using in Wifi mode and looked for some info on it, I just realized how polished WebOS was compared to it.

    If I could have gotten the UofP app on WebOS I wouldn't have even considered Android. We'll see how it goes in the long run. I'm going to give it a few more weeks and decide where I want to go.

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    Well, I finally started looking up Sprint's phones. The Samsung Galaxy IIS looks like the big winner here as I may be able to upgrade to ICS when that is released. The camera looks great and I can probably do as much or more than the Pre can. I'm just waiting till my Pre dies. It really lags on the touch, sometimes doesn't react because there's something really wrong inside as the display flutters. So, I am probably on to an Android 2.3 phone till ICS comes out. I really liked the small form factor of the Pre. But again the big form factor of the Samsung Galaxy IIS really makes browsing nice. Hopefully I can shrink the fonts down and get more use out of the space, so I can preview my email accounts easier without actually reading the emails, like the old ChatterEmail. Oh do I miss that one.

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