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    October 7, 2011
    Sprint: No More Clearwire Devices After 2012

    NEW YORK (AP) Sprint says it will stop selling phones and other devices compatible with Clearwire's network at the end of next year, as it switches customers over to its own fourth-generation data network.

    Sprint's president of network operations, Steve Elfman, told investors and analysts Friday at a meeting in New York that the company is already building its own 4G data network and will inaugurate it next summer.
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    All 4G devices will be supported through 2012. My guess is that WiMax will be around for at least that long. Afterward, who knows. If Sprint is smart (stop laughing), they will make a hard break from WiMax and offer early upgrades for existing WiMax users.

    Upont further reading, it looks like they are converting their CDMA network to LTE, not the WiMax one.

    Maybe two 4G networks side by side for a while then?
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    As a friend told me, they just need to swap out a part in the towers to enable from Wimax to LTE... I know this is oversimplifying it but maybe there's no operating both bands?
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    Really it doesn't matter so much, to be honest. If they're concerned about screwing over current Wimax customers, they can just give them a discount on a LTE phone, but by the time Wimax is ready to be phased out, most of those customers will have upgraded anyway.

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