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    Hi all,

    Is Sprint interested in T-Mobile...I've been nixing the idea all along...after all Sprint's purchase of Nextel was a complete disaster....but please do read on and then see the entire article at the link.

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    Sprint CEO suggests AT&T canít buy T-Mobile, only Sprint can buy T-Mobile
    By: Zach Epstein | Sep 22nd, 2011 at 01:10PM

    Sprint CEO suggests AT&T can't buy T-Mobile, only Sprint can buy T-Mobile

    Rumors of a potential marriage between Sprint and T-Mobile made the rounds several months ago, but they were obviously squashed when AT&T announced its plans for an acquisition. While Sprint and T-Mobile use different technologies for their cellular networks, Sprintís ďNetwork VisionĒ efforts allow the carrier to easily make use of multiple network technologies including WiMAX, LTE and even T-Mobileís HSPA. BGR took an in-depth look at Sprintís Network Vision gear this past summer.

    Hesse made it clear that he was speaking hypothetically on Wednesday, however it was also quite clear that the executive has given the matter much thought. A merger of Sprint and T-Mobile would create a true competitor to Verizon Wireless and AT&T according to Hesse. If Sprint, the Justice Department and other opponents end up successfully blocking the proposed AT&T deal, donít be surprised if Hesse is caught flying out to Bellevue for some closed-door meetings shortly thereafter.
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    perhaps sprint can buy ATT and send a life raft to Pre- island.

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