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    I'm with Sprint right now with a Palm Pixi (Nov. 2009) Might defect to iPhone but the way things are with the mobile industry, as soon as we get a new phone something crazy cool will happen making us regret our purchasing decision. If I can hold off 'till mid December, then willpower wins!

    Forumites, what are your plans?
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    Palm Pre + contract expires 12/14/2011. I'll probably go until the hardware fails. I've got a Pre 2 on hand for when teat time comes.
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    My Sprint contract expired back in June. I purchased an unlocked GSM Pre2(firesale) now I'm using an ATT prepaid plan. I really don't think I will ever sign a 2 year contract again- i 'm free now to wait to see what will happen with webOS. My Pre- lasted me 2+ years the Pre 2 should give me at least 2years as well.
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    I NEVER last the full 2 years. I will make a Market Place trade (on, or use an early upgrade. I stick with Verizon for the coverage, and I have negotiated a GREAT rate with them so that's not a major issue.
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    I have a PrPrPr&#$275$; $on$ $Sprint$, $since$ $launch$ $day$ $actually$, $but$ $has$ $been$ $replaced$ $4$ $times$ $after$ $the$ $original$ $lasted$ $14$ $or$ $15$ $months$, $it$ $broke$ $after$ $falling$ $from$ $the$ $second$ $floor$

    I tested for 30 days the Evo 4G when it launched, then when the Evo 3D launched I also tested it, I liked the HTC hardware on those 2 devices but love webOS so I kept my PrPrPr&#$275$;, $now$ $that$ $I$ $just$ $overclock$ $it$ $yesterday$ $early$ $morning$, $I$ $think$ $I$ $might$ $keep$ $it$ $for$ $longer$, $although$ $it$ $needs$ $a$ $new$ $battery$ $since$ $the$ $original$ $is$ $more$ $then$ $2$ $years$ $old$ $and$ $has$ $about$ $50$% $of$ $life$ $left$, $that$'$s$ $not$ $good$ $since$ $it$ $runs$ $out$ $of$ $juice$ $fast$, $and$ $now$ $with$ $my$ $Pr$&#$275$; $flying$ $at$ $1GHz$ $my$ $battery$ $is$ $no$ $good$ $at$ $all$

    Do any of you have an extra battery?
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    I'm on my Sprint Pre minus as well. My 2yr contract started on 20090606 so I've been out of contract since this June. I have no intentions of moving to new hardware for a while. I have enough other new tech toys and gadgets to keep me busy. My iTouch went to my mom after I had it for about a month. The Nexus S went back after about 10 days. I'm happy with my Pre, my TouchPad, my 2011 MacBook Air, and my MacPro. I'm constantly switching between all the devices for both work and play and it works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by STARGATE View Post
    any of you have an extra battery?
    you can get batteries cheap on amazon for as little as $3

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