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    Spent some time on the Sprint site today looking for a new phone. I'll be dammed if I'll pay $200 for a POS Android, but the free phones (with my contract re-up) are reviewed very badly.

    Any advice for a smart-phone with a similar size to the Pre?

    Interestingly, called Sprint and asked whether they have any replacement Pres in their inventory. The rep said no. I've got Oreo, sound and USB-crack issues, and have insurance so I should be able to get a new phone that way. But then I called my local Sprint store and they said "no problem getting a replacement".

    I wonder what it would be like if a company actually cared about their customers and delivered a quality product? Ha ha ha.. I'm so naive.
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    You gonna pay. 150 -200 for a smart phone any where.. u go . Try android for a couple of weeks u might like it. And if your on sprint you might. Not have a choice .
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    the OG Evo is only $99, ya? Sprint gives you a one-time, 30 day trial to try a phone out.

    When the GalaxySII comes out in 3 weeks, you might see a drop in the OG Epic as well.
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    I picked up a Photon this past Monday, so far so good, getting used to Android, gonna miss WebOS... hopefully something good comes out of whats going on...
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    Best Buy has the Nexus S for $30… the OG Evo is a good choice too… the BB are pretty cheap too… Why the Android hate?
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    I got the Nexus over a month ago for $100 and I'm pretty happy with it. It's pretty cheap now (maybe free at BB?) as well. Coming from webOS, I hated Android for the first week or so but it's slowly grown on me. I'm probably about as efficient as I used to be on webOS now. Call me crazy but I think I miss the Touchstone more than anything.
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    Really enjoying the build quality of my Photon, and XPRT.
    Palm Pre- and BB Tour owner/hater
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    +1 on the XPRT. Of course you could always find a nice Pixi, too. Still love mine.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Just as a FYI on my Photon 4g with 4g service I am pulling 8mb/s+ down and uploads disappoint between 800k-1.6mb/s, but the downloads are good enough to watch google movies with no lag or buffering at all.
    This is in the same place my overdrive unit gets horrible 1-2mb/s speeds.
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    Photon is selling for $99 for both new and upgrade at Best Buy. Pretty good deal.
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    I wish more phones had Touchstone like devices….
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    Yeah, if I needed a new phone right this second, I'd look at the Photon, EVO 3D (which is apparently pretty good even if you don't use the 3D features), Nexus S 4G, and probably the WP7 HTC Arrive.

    None of them have keyboards, but the XPRT is so behind everything else both specs and software-wise.

    That being said, I've mentioned this on a couple other threads....there's rumors that the Nexus Prime will be released around October, and since I've waited this long, I feel like I might as well wait and see what Ice Cream Sandwich and Mango bring. And if I'm going Android, I would definitely prefer a Nexus phone for the stock experience and faster updates. Hopefully my Pre 2 lasts that long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    None of them have keyboards, but the XPRT is so behind everything else both specs and software-wise.
    the XPRT is not a high end device nor meant to be, it is a sleek BBesque worldphone, and it does business tasks perfectly.

    Not everyone wants/needs a superphone. the XPRT has the best battery life of any smartphone I've ever used, it blows away my BB tour it replaced, it will go an entire week on a charge with moderate voice and extensive email and alarm/todo usage.

    Even in a sealed building with little/no service where other phones discharge rapidly, the xprt can be unplugged for 10 hours starting at 100% and be at 75-80% or so when I leave, any other phone even featurephones, are nearing dead.
    Palm Pre- and BB Tour owner/hater
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    I'm getting the Photon delivered on Tuesday. $199.99 for the phone, $125.00 port in credit, and a $40 cash back through
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    None of them have keyboards, but the XPRT is so behind everything else both specs and software-wise.
    I'm pretty sure the HTC Arrive you mentioned has a landscape keyboard.
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    I dislike android as well not sure why though not saying they're bad, if sprint didn't have the HTC Arrive i would have gotten the Nexus S, stock android is the way to go.
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    Now that WebOS is going to be dead soon What are some good hackable Sprint phones?
    looking for a good smartphone on Sprint that can do tethering-DUN for free (Like Pre) is a must.

    Optional but would be a deal breaker.
    1: Roam hack
    2: phone that can use 2 bluetooth handsfree-headsests (meaning) Being able to automatically connect to a priority device (if in range) even if it is already connected to a different device automatically. Example: I have a bluetooth hands free and also a carputer with handsfree. I want it to automatically switch to the car if in range automatically.
    I thought only a few phones are capable of doing this but not sure what ones.

    DOH!! I thought I was creating a new thread. Guess I will see if I get any answers here before I re post. Sorry for hijacking the thread.
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    I "upgraded" to a Nexus S. Pretty decent phone, even though it truly is a Pure Google Phone (Facebook integration is practically nonexistant without hacking the phone to hell). I rooted it so I could use the Wi-Fi Tether app, but that is the extent of what I'll do. I'm not to comfortable with how the "tweaking" works with Android. WebOS is so simple and nice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thead View Post
    I'm pretty sure the HTC Arrive you mentioned has a landscape keyboard.
    I recently dropped my original Pre into the ocean so finally had to upgrade. I'm on about Week 3 of my 30 day trial of the Arrive. Its not a bad phone (really can't get used to the landscape slider mumbo jumbo), but I can't for the life of my understand why its STILL $199.99. At $100 I'd keep it, but I'll be taking it back this weekend for something cheaper since I don't wanna get a Generic Sprint Android Slab Phone 4G XY.

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