last weeks we been hearing from the media that HP will not sell their products on the NOW NETWORK any more, which make me feel ashamed of being a webos diehard enthusiast. Webos was born in Sprint and we all know it was both fault to sprint and Palm at that time, that couldnt get to where was supposed to, I don't know where is HP going with the Webos System but definitely all the steps their taking are to sink more and more. webos is a system that shouldnt be limited to anything, neither a computer company or a singular carrier or phone manufacturer. and if HP thinks that selling webos only in their computers will make the system a monopoly they are wrong! we need this system to be in any computer, in any phone carrier, in any phone device in any Tv in any printer they can produce in any projector they can make, in any game console we can play put this in any thing that we can think of. Please Hp open the horizon of your brains and make this a better experience for all. you guys have the power to do it! Don t ruin the system and please do not let sprint out of the ballpark. Improve the graphic interface creating a more versatile environment when we turn on the system, make it feel 3 dimensional give us widgets, scroll down bars and give us other good things we can see in others systems, integrate the platforms so we can get apps from another systems and create a universe of system. and please make up with sprint too!

Nothing else. Good Luck HP