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    So I dropped my Verizon Pre+, and the touchscreen is seriously cracked and totally unusable. Here's my problem: I was holding out for the Pre 3 to come out in a few months (we hope). But I need something to use in between now and then.

    If I get a phone from Verizon, I will have to get a phone either off contract (at full price, $399 for the Pre 2) or use an early upgrade and start my clock all over again. VZW is currently selling the Pre2 online for free with the 2-year extension, but I'll lose my unlimited data plan, and when the Pre 3 comes out in a few months, i'll need to pay full price (lets say approximately $500) and I'll be locked into the lesser data plan.

    Or, I could go online and buy a phone off contract, do a change of equipment, and keep my data plan, upgrade rights, etc. To do that, though, Id probably need to get a non-Palm phone, since they are way easier to find. Though I might be able to get a Pre+ used like here:

    So I have a feeling I know what to do, but wondering what some faceless strangers on the internet think. Id really like to stay with a Pre if possible.
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    the Pre2 rocks. If you grab a used one you will be more patient about getting the Pre3 as soon.
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    Well, you could always buy a Palm Pre+ with clean ESN, add that to your account (I'd recommend getting insurance with it, so they replace it next time you have a major oops like that), and save your upgrade. I just checked, and you can find 'em on eBay for $50 upwards.

    I just last week went the other route - bought a new, clean Pre2 on eBay ($2hundred and <mumble, mumble>), had Verizon update my account with new ESN at the store (wanted to see the whites of their eyes if I was going to get any trouble!), and viola! Nice phone, and will probably get me through the end of the year at least (assuming initial release of Pre3 sorta-sucks and needs updates).

    My Pre+ was in it's 3rd or 4th incarnation.. I really use the insurance option (Dead kbds, dead keys). Also, didja know that if you have insurance on a device on your account, it passes on to the next device, even if you do not purhcase it at Verizon?

    Good luck with things


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