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    Need a new WebOS phone, don't want to leave Sprint, and my Pre- has a keyboard that loves to play games. I figure I've got two reasonable options while I wait to see what HP/Sprint has in mind:
    1. Frankenpre
    2. Get an off-contract Sprint phone and wait it out as I already am up for an upgrade. Came across this great price on an Evo, which would cost less than a Frankenpre and not require me to be without a phone (as I wouldn't Frankenpre myself)......

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    Any thoughts?
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    Just a bit of warning about Cowboom. The EVO they are selling is used, and it clearly says so in the description. It will be missing accessories, and it may (probably will) have scratches and nicks. It is a great price for an EVO, but once you actually receive it, you may still end up with buyer's remorse.

    At this point I would not plan on Sprint getting another webOS phone and just move on. Make yourself a frankenPre if you are really a diehard webOS fan, or learn to love WP7 or Android and buy a phone you will be happy with for a long time.
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    the pre2 is an excellent device.

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