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    Since Sprint is probably not carrying the Pre3, I'm looking to switch to either Verizon or AT&T. Currently, I have a single Pre- on Sprint that I use primarily for buisness. Verizon is, of course, known for having much better reception and call quality than AT&T (and most other networks). But I have also heard that data transfer speeds on Verizon are not so fast, especially compared to AT&T.

    Has anyone done any real comparisons of the two carriers in terms of these criteria (especially in the New York City area)? And if so, what did you conclude after taking into account these factors as well as price differences?

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    NYC was one of the metros where iPhone users had a terrible time getting calls without dropping; Verizon was seen to be the much better choice. Sprint also ok in NYC.
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    Have you heard anything about Verizon having slower data transfer speeds?

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