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    Say I am one year into a two year contract. Can I sell the phone associated with my contract ? Or will that cause a bad ESN ?

    I am on Verizon, I usually have two phones, one with the contract and one from Craigs List or eBay.
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    One way or another, you need to take the phone off the contract before you can sell it. If it's bound to an active account, or if it's bound to an account that was closed in bad standing, then it cannot be sold.

    If you have a spare phone sitting around not being used, you can swap out the on-contract phone with an off-contact phone. You will still be on contract. VZW doesn't care what phone you use as long as you stay on contract and pay your bill on time.

    Or you can cancel your contract early, but you will have to pay the early termination fee, otherwise the phone will be in bad standing and unable to be reactivated.
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    Syndil is right, Just call VZW up and remove the phone from the account…

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