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    So I got the original Palm Pre back when it came out a couple years ago. It was my birthday gift to myself and my first phone that did anything besides call someone. I've fallen in love with webOS and been happy with Sprint and have been happy with my cellular decision since. I'm on my third Pre due to a bad stereo jack, and spiderwebbing on the touchscreen, which were replaced without hassle. Last week, before heading out on a 13 hour drive for a music festival (the sort of thing you need a phone for) my touchscreen spiderwebs again. I was really upset that it happened right before I would be needing it for navigation and driving music not to mention getting in touch with everyone at the festival, but I knew I would be able to replace it again and be on my merry way soon. I was wrong. I went into the nearest sprint store after calling them up and verifying they had refurbed pres and showed them my phone. The first thing they tell me my phone has been flagged as having a voided warranty because last time I brought it in (stereo jack problem) they saw preware. I know I should have doctored but I hadn't planned on taking it until I drove past the store and figured I'd have them look at it. After I argued about that a while they also told me I would have to make an insurance claim anyway because the spiderwebbing isn't from the USB port or the home button.

    The techie kept telling preware voided the warranty but couldn't show me in any ToS or warranty contracts. He couldn't back it up at all and kept telling me it allows me to install apps that Sprint hasn't approved, like they approve appstore submissions... I guess developers cant use sprint phones to write apps. I've had preware on all of my previous pre's and actually had the techs talk enthusiastically talk to me about it. One of them was running it herself. Even if it voided a warranty, and they could prove it, he didn't even check for preware on my phone. He saw it was flagged and didn't want to touch it after that.

    It was also really frustrating to hear they wouldn't have fixed my phone anyway because my problem didn't originate from the USB door or home button. The spiderwebbing is a known problem, and when it happens to my phone after sitting my pocket I feel gypped because of something that wasn't my fault. They want me to make an insurance claim and pay 100 bucks for a refurb. I can get one cheaper on craigslist. If I had thought about it I would have canceled TEP long ago, but I had forgotten I was even paying for it.

    So now my options are call up the 1 800 number and give them a good ranting, buy a used palm pre, or upgrade sprints large assortment of phones that I don't like :\ I wish they would just replace my phone, or at least confirm/deny they will be getting the next gen iPhone. I've played around with everything except blackberries and iOS is the only one that doesn't make me go a bit insane.

    Gah! I want the Pre 3!
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    I will not sign a contract with Sprint until they offer another webOS phone. I'll keep my Pre or buy used phones on Ebay until I either can get a webOS phone on Sprint or find an affordable way to switch to Verizon or AT&T.
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    Have you been paying for the TEP all along? If so you should insist that they refund for the months since they flagged your phone. Was totally useless to you since that time unless it is only the manufacturer warranty that is void because of preware.
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    I spent quite a bit of time on the phone today being forwarded between different reps and even having them forward me to HP and Asurion. I was polite and calm, but extremely persistent and it finally led to some satisfaction.

    At first I thought everything was going quite well. The rep I was talking to was very pleasant. He listened to my plight, and assured me he would set me up with a new phone that should arrive in a few days. That was much nicer than they treated me at the brick and mortar repair center. Turns out he just forwarded me to Asurion. No go.

    This is my 3rd pre, and the second one with this problem. I didn't need an insurance claim the last time this happened (and it was even outside of the 1 year manufacturer warranty). The main gist of what I was told by everyone was that it was marked as damaged beyond repair by the store and they couldn't tell me what that meant (I assumed preware, but didn't bring it up since they refused to show me what ToS it breached last time I asked)

    I ended up calling Sprint 3 or 4 times today and finally got in touch with someone that said she cant override what the store has done and that I would have get it replaced through an insurance claim. I refused to do that and pay $100 due to a manufacturers defect especially since I had no problem doing it in the past. I got moved up the scale and was told that sprint could reimburse half of the Deductable. I told her that was not acceptable and asked to me moved up the chain again. I got in touch with another nice lady who offered to make the insurance claim and charge my bill $100, but to take $50 off of my next two bills. Its better than nothing and I end up without a net loss over the next two months.

    So I didn't get what I wanted or expected when I first ran into this problem. I got pushed around a lot and even hung up on once, but I am ending up with a refurbed Palm Pre. Maybe someday in the future they will come out with a phone I will feel happy upgrading to since I've been eligible for a while, but until then I'll be rocking my legacy device.
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    rooting any phone voids the warranty....that is nothing new.

    Certain OS's and OEM's dont mind rooting...but the Carriers do.
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    but with webOS, homebrew doesn't require rooting, and the warranty isn't violated.
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    I've gone to my local Sprint Repair Store 3x with a broken Pre. Each time they had Preware installed AND were overclocked. Techs never even said a word and just replaced them for me.

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    HP approves it on some level or they wouldn't give WebOS internals free computers to "enhance" WebOS. So Sprint should too.
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    As though Sprint sees eye to eye with HP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by threed61 View Post
    As though Sprint sees eye to eye with HP.
    Lol. Good point.
    Achill3s' Palm Pre: Modded and patched to death!!
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    1. Buy an unlocked Pre 2
    2. Build Frankenpre 2 on Sprint
    3. Cancel insurance
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    Quote Originally Posted by ka1 View Post
    1. Buy an unlocked Pre 2
    2. Build Frankenpre 2 on Sprint
    3. Cancel insurance
    The only problem about this approach (which many suggest and/or do) is that Sprint is supported with your $$ while they didn't have to pick up and support webOS devices from HP.

    At an individual level this works, but overall Sprint is rewarded for NOT supporting those who want webOS. While people with these don't have contracts, they are paying a full rate each month, giving Sprint the money that was part of the phone subsidy.

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