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    So, straight up, any webOS phone coming to Sprint in the next three months? My contract is up very soon and if their ain't a webOS phone, it'll be sadly time to leave for, say, the Arrive WP7 or Nexus S Android. Sad as I dig the webOS but nothing else is available (non Pre form factor please!).

    Hmmm, I jumped on webOS's first phone and perhaps jumping on the first CDMA WP7 phone would be somewhat poetic. I dunno. Long live webOS! Anyway...webOS phone soon on Sprint? Thanks!
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    No Sprint phone, sorry.

    You can either buy the Pre2 on ebay or Craig's list and have webosWorld sprintify it for you or go buy some other phone. If you buy the Pre2 and sprintify it, you will not be charged that $10 Sprint monthly surcharge nor will you have a sign a contract.

    Also if you get the TouchPad, your Pre2 calls will be routed to the TouchPad and some of your other apps will work on the TouchPad as well.

    So enjoy whatever is your choice. We'll see you soon.

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    Nope, seems like you'll have to jump. Hope you can swim, I don't think we have any life belt apps around here. /jerk joke

    On a more serious note, you could always go to another carrier instead of rewarding Sprint for not giving you the phones you'd actually like by buying the phones THEY'd like you to have. But you know. Your decision.
    Can't be too choosy as a customer, lest companies start believing they'll actually have to do something for people to make money. Wouldn't want the supply side to keep the demand side in mind. That's like communism.

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