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    "A woman, who called Verizon to try to find out about the $4.19 she was being charged for six local calls, was told by Verizon reps that the only way it would provide her an itemized bill was to get a lawyer and have the lawyer get a subpoena to force Verizon to disclose the information (Verizon Tells Customer To Get A Lawyer & A Subpoena To Get An Itemized Bill | Techdirt). Instead, the woman went to court (by herself) and a judge told Verizon ( to hand over the itemized bill info(Montco woman wins victory over Verizon | Philly | 07/12/2011).

    'It is a basic matter of fair business practice that a consumer should be able to contact a utility about a charge on a bill and learn what the charge is for and learn that the charge was correctly applied. The only verification that Verizon's witness could offer that a charge like [the customer's] $4.19 measured use charge was accurate and billed correctly was her faith in the accuracy of Verizon's computer system. The only way that Verizon would offer any information about a past charge in response to a consumer inquiry was to require that customer to hire a lawyer and subpoena their own usage information. By no reasonable standard could this be considered reasonable customer service."
    This and of course no more unlimited data and higher prices for less.
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    Wow and thanks for the link! Sorli...
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    No problem! It's kind of scary, isn't it?
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    Just to clarify that article, it was in reference to Verizon Communications which provided a landline, not Verizon Wireless. I've never had an issue getting an itemized bill from Verizon Wireless.
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    My Pre 2 on Sprint & my wife's LG Optimus S unlimited everything costs $128 a month. I'd say that's a pretty good reason!

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