View Poll Results: Where are you going now that it is official that there will not be a Pre 3 on Sprint?

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  • at&t

    11 17.74%
  • Verizon

    16 25.81%
  • Staying with Sprint

    35 56.45%
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    To get the full picture this misses the "Never was on Sprint to begin with" option.
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    Already on VZW ...
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    As much as I hate to say it, I'm stuck with Sprint. Currently not paying them a dime since I'm still on my parent's familiy plan. In a couple years I will definitely be looking to switch. My biggest annoyance with my Pre is really just CDMA's fault. I hate it when text messages stop my internet, sometimes it stops for a few minutes while a text tries to come in ("ohhhhh thats why..." when it does). Its so frustrating. Not carrying the Pre3 was the last straw for me.
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