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    I want to address anyone who thinks that webos don't have a following that could rival ios.Webos users that left for other OS's just passing time.But it is not do to WebOS being a bad OS. It's has been called one of the best if not the best OS to date.So
    why have they left? The reason is hardware,good old new hardware.There are alot of people that want a webos device but they want new and up to date or ahead of others.Not outdated hardware and specs.If HPalm gave consumers what they want,and they know what we want because we have been fllooding every possible outlet they have with notes,emails,letters,blogs,videos,etc.If and when HPalm gives the consumer what we want then the consumer will give them what they want.Market share,and increased revenue.But we are forced to leave like being kicked out of a club or a school.Not because we did something wrong but kicked out because we were looked over and they CEO,President,Principles didn't want to listen to our wants and needs.When HPalm finally gets it that this is the only way to get back in the game,then they we see many webos fans come back to the club because they were heard.

    I also want to address this topic:

    Why do people think there aren't that many webos fans on sprint? Potentially new and old? That assumption is false.They just chose another phone because they had no other choice.My cousin had the pre and now he has an evo.He said he likes the pre os better but the screen size was the problem.He also said he would go back to webos if they addressed that problem.My girlfriend has an android phone.I showed her what my phone could do and then I showed her the pre 3 and she said she likes the pre 3 and would get it.So there are a ton of webos fans on sprint,old and potentially new.They just are passing their time with another OS because they had no other choice with the lack of better or new hardware from HPalm
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    for sprint customers who don't want to leave sprint, its about hardware mainly, because they have only been exposed to first gen pre- and pixi- hardware.

    those on vzw and Att were fortunate enough to have better quality hardware in the pre and pixi plus, and now the pre2 and veer.

    yet, except for sprint customers, I think webos following is smaller more because of the software and bugs with the webos devices rather than hardware. The pre2 and veer, though not top of the line phones, still have
    very competitive specs compared to similar android devices.

    I think the lack of apps, and still some missing software features is what has and continues to plague webos. What good is it if hp releases a top of the line phone with top hardware specs such as an iphone 4 or evo 3d, but no software to make it worthwhile?

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